Bboy Dyzee

Bboy Dyzee

Bboy Dyzee is from Toronto, Canada. He won All Style Street Dance Festival in Korea in the year 2009 with his crew. He is a member of Supernaturalz and 7 Commandoz.

Bboy Dyzee Profile

Stage NameDyzee
Birth NameKarl Oliver Alba
OccupationB-Boy, Entrepreneur
BirthdaySeptember 29, 1979
Active Years1994–present
Age44 (in 2024)
Zodiac SignLibra
Blood TypeN/A

Bboy Dyzee Biography, Life Story, Breaking Journey, and Facts:

Bboy Dyzee

Dyzee is from Ontario, Canada and currently residing in Seoul, South Korea. He started breaking in 1994 and holds the record for the longest Bboy circle, an impressive feat lasting 24 hours continuously. He is credited with mastering the threading style in breaking and also introduced special sneakers designed specifically for breaking. He is also known for his philanthropy by donating $10,000 to cancer research.

In addition to his global impact, he has made important contributions to the Bboy community in his homeland, the Philippines. He has conducted free workshops and organized events for underprivileged Bboys. In 1999, he faced the necessity of supporting his mother’s banquet hall business. To attract more business, he wisely organized his first breaking competition in the banquet hall, drawing in audiences and boosting business. 

He also addressed the issue of determining winners in breaking battles by introducing a unique scoring system. This system involved respected individuals in the community, each focusing on different aspects of breaking such as foundation, originality, and difficulty. This innovative approach aimed to ensure fairness in judging breaking competitions. 

Dyzee got married in 2009 and is happily living with his wife and daughter who was born on March 29, 2018. Following a promise to God, he wrote a book, “Tao of the Bboy,” sharing stories, secrets, and lessons from his life and breaking journey.

Bboy Dyzee

Titles & Achievements:

2001    Rocksteady Anniversary
2003Might 4 5th year Anniversary (3v3)
2008Freestyle Session 11 (crew)

Just For Laugh Festival (3v3), Rock Steady Anniversary (crew)

2009All Steady Street Dance Festival (3v3),  Floor Wars (3v3)
2010Keep On Dancing (crew)
2011Temple O’ Style ( crew)
2012Circle industry (2v2)
2014New Taipei Bboy City (crew)
2015Freestyle Session World Finals (3v3)


Instagram: dyzeediaries
Twitter: dyzeediaries
Facebook: dyzeediaries

Dyzee VS. Roxrite VS. Niek

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