Bboy Jeromeskee

Bboy Jeromeskee

Bboy Jeromeskee is from Seattle, USA. He won the R-16 Korea Championship in 2012. He is one of the founding members of Massive Monkees.

Bboy Jeromeskee Profile

Stage Name Jeromeskee
Birth NameJerome Aparis
OccupationB-Boy, Coach, Judge
Active Years1996 –present
AgeN/A (in 2024)
Zodiac SignN/A
Blood TypeN/A

Bboy Jeromeskee Biography, Life Story, Breaking Journey, and Facts:Bboy Jeromeskee

Bboy Jeromeskee hails from Seattle, USA and began his dance journey at the age of 12 by watching videos of breaking crews from Seattle. At the time, breaking was predominantly underground, and information about it travelled almost exclusively through word of mouth.

He started learning to break at local community centres, which were relatively informal and open to the public. The community centres were usually packed to the brim, and he recalls sometimes only getting a couple of minutes of one-on-one time with his instructor. Despite this challenge, the attitude he adopted was about “maximising what he learned.” He would go home and practise those moves in his kitchen for hours so he could go back to the community centre and show off his improvement.

He is not just a breaker but a well-respected coach who teaches the art of breaking to the young boys and girls of Seattle through his experience. He has also taken part in many breaking events around the world including as a judge who decides who gets the chance to compete in the Paris Olympic Qualifiers in 2024.

Bboy Jeromeskee


2000Bboy Summit
2004World Bboy Championship
2006Battle Runners
2007Mighty 4 Zulu Anniversary
2008Hip Hop Obsessions
2009Floor Wars
2010World Of Dance
2012R-16 Korea Championship
2013UK Bboy Championship US Finals
2015Northwest Sweet 16


Instagram: jeromeskee_mm
Tiktok: jeromeskee
Twitter: jeromeskeemm
Linkedin: jerome-aparis-5985995

Bboy Casper Vs Bboy Jeromeskee

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