Bboy Zaza

bboy zaza

Bboy Zaza is from Senegal. He won the Africa Cup Battle in 2019. He is a member of Power Crew Senegal.

Bboy Zaza Profile

Stage NameZaza
Birth NameMohamed Xavier Goudiaby
OccupationB-Boy, Coach
Active Yearsn/a–present
Agen/a  (in 2023)
Zodiac Signn/a
Blood Typen/a

Bboy Zaza Biography, Life Story, Breaking Journey, and Facts:

bboy zaza

Zaza journey into the world of breaking began when he stumbled upon videos of B-boys at an internet cafe. These moves immediately reminded him of the acrobatics his brother used to perform, although he didn’t know the name for it at the time. At the age of 14, with two years of dancing experience under his belt, he started emulating what he saw his friends doing. Despite the lack of practice space, they persevered, gathering in front of shops in Dakar to work on ground tricks like windmills and headspins. 

Their determination led them to dance late into the night in shop doorways with hard, slippery tiles. And when the conditions proved less than ideal, they made the trek to the beach to continue training. This commitment to their craft persists today, when he and his friends, including Power Crew, a collective formed in 2013 by his brother and B-Boy Reuf, who sadly passed away shortly after its inception. They continue to refine their skills, particularly those that don’t rely on sliding, all while striving to improve their physical conditioning.

Bboy Zaza’s expertise in these movements has grown significantly, and he now imparts his knowledge by teaching hip-hop dance classes to over 20 people. These classes encompass not only breaking but also locking and popping. He firmly believes that breaking in Senegal has room to evolve and expand, and he’s dedicated to pushing its boundaries, even in the face of numerous challenges. 

In Senegal, young people have an affinity for breaking, but their parents often view it as a mere pastime without practical value. He takes it upon himself to meet with parents, raising awareness about breaking in Senegal and explaining that it can coexist with education. He highlights that some of the kids in his class have even earned their baccalaureate degrees while continuing to pursue their passion for dance. Through these examples, he illustrates that balancing breaking and academics is indeed achievable, despite the initial reservations of parents. He is part of the Paris Olympic Qualifiers for 2024 With a rank of 138 and 250 points.

bboy zaza


2019African Cup Urban Dance Championship
2023Francophonie Battle

Instagram: bboy_zaza

Bboy Zaza vs Bboy Loic

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