Bgirl Logistx

Bgirl Logistx

Bgirl Logistx is an American who has become the world champion of Red Bull BC One. She is a member of Red Bull BC One All Star as well as the member of Flow crew and BreakinMIA.

Bgirl Logistx Profile

Stage Name: Logistx
Birth Name: Logan Edra
Occupation: B-Girl
Birthday: May 8th, 2003
Active Years: 2011–present
Age 21 (in Jun 2024)
Zodiac Sign: Taurus
Height: 5’7’’
Weight: 48 kg
Nationality: American
Blood Type: n/a

Bgirl Logistx Biography, Life Story, Breaking Journey, and Facts:

Bgirl Logistx was born in California, USA but her parents are from the Philippines hence, she is a filipino (Source: liftedasia). She is also referred to as ‘Lo’ and currently lives in South Florida, USA. She was inspired by the local crew in San Diego and started breaking at the age of 7. She had a B-Girl teacher who taught Logistx that it was possible to be successful in a male dominated environment because she faced misogyny in the past by being paid less than the male dancers. Her stage name ‘Logistx’ was provided by her father due to her logical thinking mindset who also used to break for fun. She has been writing journals and meditating since the age of 12. Her first mentors were B-Boy Mpact, B-Girl Val Pal, and B-Boy Villn from Underground crew and she is inspired by B-Girl Narumi, B-Girl Ayumi, and B-Boy Cloud.

She has done gymnastics for five years before dropping it to focus on breaking and was also into singing and drawing before her father pushed her into dancing. She also went to a dance school ‘BreakinMla’ in Miami in 2022 but first mastered hip hop and street dancing by skilled choreographers based in Cali. Bgirl Logistx was aided by hip-hop dancer Shotyme to help her in dancing (Source: redbull). She provides classes in South Florida to young dancers and confronts the issues of society like equality through her dance moves.

She is very cautious about her attire while breaking and likes to wear hoop earrings during breaking (Source: teenvogue). She religiously uploads her dance videos on her instagram. Her first battle was Red Bull BC One Cypher in 2012. Her warm up routine is composed of two steps i.e deep breaths and groove (Source: hercampus). She became a vegan after watching a documentary on animal abuse in 2005. She is set to debut in the Olympic Games in 2024 and currently holds a place at 30 with 892 points on the Olympic qualifier list.


– Her favorite move is Belly Mills.
– Her favorite post battle food is Acai bowl.
– She loves summers, beaches, and oceans.


– She appeared in the show “Dance-Off Juniors” through which she gained fame in 2016.
– Bgirl Logistx performed in the show Ellen DeGeneres in 2019 and also collaborated with her for Gap clothing line in 2016


– One of her signature moves is the flash kick combo into a figure four 90.

Exercise Regime:

Bgirl Logistx does Knee Tuck Burpees to get some HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) training in.
She does Free Styling to warm up.
She practices Headstands to make them easier and hold it for as long as she can and she tries to do it with locking and without locking.
She also does Beast Hold which is a warm up for floor work.

Titles & Achievements :

2018Silverback Open B-Girl (Pennsylvania)
2019Taipei Bboy City World Final 1v1 Bgirlz (Taiwan)
Red Bull BC One Wild Card Invite
2020Critical Drift (USA)
2021Red BUll BC One World Final (Poland)
Break X Grand Jam (USA)



Social Media Handles

Instagram: logistx_ugf
Twitter: logistx_ugf
TikTok: logistx__ugf
Facebook: logistx


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B-Girl Vavi vs. B-Girl Logistx (Final Battle) :

Ami vs Logistx :

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