Bgirl Luma

Bgirl Luma

Bgirl Luma is from Medellin, Colombia. Luma became the first ever Red Bull BC One E-Battle Champion and she won Red Bull BC One Cypher LATAM 2023. She is a member of Peligrosos Crew and Formless Corp.

Bgirl Luma Profile

Stage NameLuma
Birth NameLuisa Fernanda Tejada Pulgarin
Active Years2010–present
Age29 (in 2023)
Zodiac SignLeo
Blood Typen/a

Bgirl Luma Biography, Life Story, Breaking Journey, and Facts

Bgirl Luma

Hailing from Colombia, Bgirl Luma’s life revolves between the cities of Medellín, where her family resides, and Bogota, where she is engrossed in important projects. She embarked on her breaking journey at the age of 17.

‘Luma’ is the moniker she chose for herself, combining the first initial of her real name, ‘L,’ with the Hebrew word ‘Uma.’ To Luma, this name embodies the essence of a conscious and resilient woman. Her first B-Girl companion played a vital role in helping her discover this name, which holds deep and meaningful significance in her heart.

Throughout her journey, Bgirl Luma was fortunate to have mentors from Crew Peligrosos and 4 School Elements, who are prominent figures in Colombia’s hip-hop community and lead a prominent hip-hop school in the country. She strives for completeness in her breaking style, paying tribute to the knowledge imparted to her by her esteemed teachers by passing it on to others with utmost respect and gratitude.

Supported by a loving circle of family and friends, Bgirl Luma feels blessed to be an ambassador of her country in the global breaking community. Aside from her passion for breaking, she holds her family, crew, and the school that nurtured her talents in high regard. Moreover, she values self-discovery, her connection with nature, and her place in the universe.

Despite her already impressive achievements, Bgirl Luma believes her breaking journey is only just beginning, and she looks forward to dancing for many more years to come. In parallel, she is pursuing her studies in physiotherapy, a profession she deeply respects and admires. She is currently preparing to perform at the Paris Olympics 2024 and currently ranks at 10 with 1660 points.

Bgirl Luma

Titles & Achievements:

2017Temple Rock (USA)
2019Red Bull BC One E-Battle
2021Break Free Worldwide
WDSF Breaking for Gold Challenge Breaking (Cali)
WDSF Pan American Championship Breaking for Gold (Chile)
Red Bull BC One Cypher (LATAM)

Social Media Handles
Instagram: luma.colombia
Facebook: luisafernanda.tejadapulgarin


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