Bboy Flying Buddha

Bboy Flying Buddha

Bboy Flying Buddha is from Kharkov, Ukraine. He won the Red Bull BC One Cypher Ukraine in 2014. He is a member of the East Side Bboys, the H-Blast Crew, the Top-Nine Crew and Mighty Zulu Kingz and Queenz Crew.

Bboy Flying Buddha Profile

Stage NameFlying Buddha
Birth NameDimitry V. Lee
BirthdayOctober 15, 1986
Active Years1999-present
Age37 (in 2024)
Zodiac SignN/A
Height165 cm (5’5’’)
Blood TypeN/A

Bboy Flying Buddha Biography, Life Story, Breaking Journey, and Facts:

Bboy Flying Buddha

Bboy Flying Buddha originally hails from Kharkov, Ukraine, and currently resides in Orlando, United States. His breaking journey began in October 1999 during a youth camp, where he witnessed performances by Bboy Robin, Bboy Stasik, and Bboy Vadik, who were dancing to the song “Renegade Master” by Fatboy Slim. Captivated by their moves, he approached them and asked to be shown some moves, marking the beginning of his venture into bboying.

His friends gave him the nickname “Flying Buddha” due to his ability to execute moves in the air and his interest in Buddhism. His initiation into the breaking community involved joining the Storm Junior crew, where he received guidance from his first and only teacher, Bboy Karas from Storm Crew.

His dance style is characterized by a mix of power moves, popping, hip-hop, locking, and waving, reflecting his preference for dancing in his unique and evolving way. Influenced by Bboy Ronnie Ruen and Bboy Benny Kimoto, as well as inspired by the legendary Bruce Lee, he embraces a diverse range of influences in shaping his breaking style. Moreover, as of the 2024 Paris Olympics Qualifications List, he holds the 296 rank with 100 breaking points. 

Bboy Flying Buddha

Titles & Achievements:

2008Battle of the Year (Crew)
2010UK Bboy Championship
2011Red Bull BC One Eastern European Final
2014Red Bull BC One Cypher Ukraine


Flying Buddha vs Neguin

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