Bboy Robin

Bboy Robin

Bboy Robin is from Kharkov, Ukraine. He won the Red Bull BC One Final in 2015. He represents Top 9 , East side boys, MZK and Bring it Back squad.

Bboy Robin Profile

Stage NameRobin
Birth NameBulgakov Aleksey 
BirthdayJune 27, 1984
Active Years1998–present
Age39 (in 2024)
Zodiac SignCancer
Blood TypeN/A

Bboy Robin Biography, Life Story, Breaking Journey, and Facts:

Bboy Robin

Bboy Robin’s name came from the character Robin Hood. Because when he started dancing he had a winter cap on his head. He took the cap and unfold it in such a manner that the cap would stay higher. He also put on an onyx patch because he was a big fan of the RAP Group. Then someone told him that he was looking like Robin Hood. Then guys started calling him Robin behind his back. In this way he got his stage name or nickname. 

He started breaking on November 11, 1998. But he was a bit early interested in breaking by himself. In summer 1998, he came to Yalta city to join Pioneer Camp. There he met local dudes and they introduced him to rap music. Groups such as Cypress Hill, Onyx, Public Enemy and House of Pain showed him various steps in hip hop dance. After that he came back to his city Kharkov and started to explore this field by himself a little bit. Then he went to a concert of a local RAP Group and he won a little small dance competition. There were only three participants among those he won and got a prize that was one month free practice in a newly opened school called Turbo in his city Kharkov. He practiced there for a month but unfortunately at the end of the month he could saved enough money for the next month. He learned fastly and a lot of movements he did first in his city. He just saw the moves and learned them by himself without any suggestions or elaborations from anyone else.          

Training & Pracitice

According to him when he travels he skips his practice 3-4 days in a week because after traveling the body requires some physical and mental relaxation. On the other hand, when he gets ready for any special event e.g;  any competition or battle then he even practices twice a day. According to Bboy Robin, in normal days, duration for practice must lie between 3-5 hours, he divides it as first one hour is for warming up, the next 3 hours are for dancing and in the last one hour can do any kind of practice e.g; straightening or anything else. One more method he calls it blow up practice and the duration of this practice session is about 1 hour. 

Bboy Robin

Titles & Achievements:

2015Red Bull BC One Eastern European Final
2016Top Rock
2022Breaking Landesmeisterschaft Sachsen

Facebook: bboyrobin.tnc



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