Bboy Hikaru

Bboy Hikaru is from Aomori Prefecture, Japan. He became a winner of Freestyle Session Japan in 2012. He is affiliated with Foundation Crew, Aomori Top Bboys, Heart Jumperz and Edogawa Beast Association.

Bboy Hikaru Profile

Stage NameHikaru
Birth Namen/a
BirthdayAugust 27th, 1987 
Active Years2001–present
Age37 (in 2024)
Zodiac Signn/a
Height164 cm (5’3”)
Blood TypeB

Bboy Hikaru Biography, Life Story, Breaking Journey, and Facts:

Bboy Hikaru

He is known as a bomber. The origin of the name (Bomber) is because Bounce Mighty Zulu Kingz said, “Hikaru is a bomber because he does explosive moves”. Hikaru is from Aomori Prefecture. He is a skilled individual who was brought into the enrapturing universe of Breaking Affected by a senior entertainer. When he invited Dragon, a well-known figure in the breaking scene, to a local event hosted by Bomber in his hometown in 2006, his journey took a significant turn. He joined the well-known breaking group Foundation as a result of this meeting. Thus, he moved to Tokyo, where his abilities prospered and he earned respect through various challenges, making a permanent imprint on the lively and cutthroat breaking scene.

Bboy Hikaru


2007HIP HOP Festival Under 20
2009BE.Bboy Tokyo (3v3)
2012Freestyle Session Japan

R16 Korea World Final

Instagram: hikaru1207_frp


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