Bboy Kazuki Rock

Bboy Kazuki Rock

Bboy Kazuki Rock is from Hiroshima, Japan. Bboy Kazuki Rock has won the World Bboy Classic in 2013 at Holland. He is a member of the Body Carnival Crew.

Bboy Kazuki Rock Profile

Stage NameKazuki Rock
Birth NameKazuki Kuwabara
Active Years2003–present
Age36 (in 2024)
Zodiac SignN/A
Blood TypeN/A

Bboy Kazuki Rock Biography, Life Story, Breaking Journey, and Facts:

Bboy Kazuki Rock

Bboy Kazuki Rock was born in the city of Japan, Hiroshima but now he is living in the city Kyota. He started breaking at the age of 15 in the year 2003 in Hiroshima. In 2009 ,he moved to Kyota for teamwork and that was the time when he joined the Body Carnival Crew. Bboy Kazuki Rock uses his high leg movement as a weapon. He is well known all over the world due to his unique footwork which shows the flexibility and softness of his body. He also became leader of Body Carnival because of his hard work. He practices 5 times a week which also includes body training. She said that he does not have any hobbies and he only loves to dance. So he spends his spare time dancing or breaking practice. She is considered to be one of those Bboys who not only win the battles and awards but also win the hearts of the audience. 

In his interview he said that before battle he tried to relax as much as he could. After battle, if he loses he becomes disappointed and if he wins he never thinks that he is too good. He always tries his best. The inspiration of Bboy Kazuki Rock is Ichigeki.

Bboy Kazuki Rock

Titles & Achievements:

2013Dance Alive Heroes
World Bboy Classic 
2017Silverback Open Championships 
2018Silverback Open Championship,
FreeStyle Session World Final

Instagram: the_kickin_crab
Twitter: kazukiroc



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B-Boy Kazuki Rock vs B-Boy Phil Wizard:

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