Bboy Hiro10

Bboy Hiro10

Bboy Hiro10 is from Ishikawa, Japan. Hiro10 became a winner for World Breaking Class in 2023. He is a member of Gun Smoke Breakers and Team Formless.

Bboy Hiro10 Profile

Stage Name: Hiro10
Birth Name: Hiroto Ono
Occupation: B-Boy
Birthday: 2005
Active Years: 2013–present
Age 19 (in Jul 2024)
Zodiac Sign: n/a
Height: n/a
Weight: n/a
Nationality: Japanese
Blood Type: n/a

Bboy Hiro10 Biography, Life Story, Breaking Journey, and Facts:

Bboy Hiro10

Bboy Hiro10 was born in Kanazawa, Ishikawa, Japan. Hiro10’s journey into the world of dance began when he visited his younger sister’s dance class in the second grade of elementary school. Intrigued by what he saw, he couldn’t resist joining in and ended up discovering his own passion for dancing. Before that, he had experience in Swimming, Soccer, and Karate.

Initially, Bboy Hiro10 started with a dance style performed by idols, but his path took a significant turn when he was in the third grade. At the suggestion of an instructor, he shifted his focus to breakdancing, captivated by the ability to express his individuality through unique moves.

During competitions, Hiro10 often demonstrates his mastery of the airflare, a challenging power move where he performs a series of jumps while in a handstand position with his legs forming a V-shape. It took him a year of dedicated practice to perfect this difficult power move. His training regimen typically involves spending three hours on weekdays and six hours on weekends at a local gymnasium.

Bboy Hiro10 reveals that he has little interest in video games, preferring to devote his time and energy to dancing. He expresses deep gratitude to his father, Yoshiyuki, acknowledging that he wouldn’t have come this far without his unwavering support. Despite lacking experience in dancing, Yoshiyuki took it upon himself to research and build practice equipment in a room at their home, which also doubles as a salon. He eagerly records Hiro10’s performances and offers guidance, recognizing that adults possess valuable insights on body movements.

While dancing at the renowned Osaka City Air Terminal complex, considered a “sacred site” for street dancers, Bboy Hiro10 caught the attention of a local dance team called ‘Gun Smoke Breakers’. Despite their average age of 25, Hiro10 became a member of the team when he was just a first-year junior high school student, allowing him to further refine his expressive skills.

He went to Holland to study dance and expresses a strong admiration for B-Boy Wigor from Poland, considering him to be cool and frequently following his Instagram posts. Additionally, he hold great respect for the leaders of Gun Smoke Breakers, B-Boy Yosh and B-Boy Kamenashi, spending considerable time practicing with them, engaging in conversations, and seeking their guidance and expertise in the realm of breaking.

Looking ahead, Bboy Hiro10 envisions a future where he can continue giving his best in dancing. While he has the option to pursue opportunities in Osaka or even abroad, his current aspiration is to remain at home and dedicate himself wholeheartedly to dancing until he completes high school. Bboy Hiro10 currently ranked at 25th spot with 1000 points on the Olympic qualifier list.

Bboy Hiro10

Titles & Achievements :

2019Ocat Battle Xmas (Japan)
2020JDSF Breaking Block Battle Series (Japan)
Sunshine Jam 3v3 (Japan)
Scream Vol 11 x Challenge Cup Power Move Qualfiier (Japan)
2022Break The Floor crew (France)
Settsu Breakin’ Jam (Japan)
2023Battle Europa crew (France)
World Breaking Classic South East Asia Final (Netherlands)
Bronze at Breaking For Gold (France)

Social Media Handles
Instagram: bboyhiro10

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