Bboy HONG 10

Bboy HONG 10

Bboy Hong 10 is from South Korean who is a three-time world champion of Red Bull BC One. Recently, he has won Red Bull BC One World Final Paris 2023. Hong 10 is currently under crew Flow XL, 7 Commandoz and also represents the Red Bull BC One All Stars.

Bboy HONG 10 Profile

Stage Name: Hong 10 ( 홍텐)
Birth Name: Kim Hong Yul (김홍열)
Occupation: Bboy, Dancer
Birthday: February 16th, 1985
Active Years: 1998–present
Age: 38 (in 2023)
Zodiac Sign: Aquarius
Height: 175 cm (5’9’’)
Weight: n/a
Nationality: Korean
Blood Type: n/a

Bboy Hong 10 Biography, Life Story and Facts:

Bboy Hong 10 also referred to as Hongten was born in Seoul, South Korea and was inspired by a friend when he saw them performing and started b-boying in 1998 at the age of 13. He used to watch dance on TV to learn the moves at an early stage.

He was motivated by his teachers to come up with his own style therefore, he is known for his several signature moves including ‘Hong 10 freeze’, ‘two-fingers freeze’ and ‘halo’. He became popular in 2002 when he performed in the Korean crews and won two championships i.e Battle of the Year International and UK B-Boy Championships. Bboy Hong 10 used to be in the Expression crew which won the Battle of the Year in 2002. He is the second person to have won the Red Bull BC One World Finals twice. He enlisted in the Korean army after RedBull BC One Moscow 2011. Bboy Hong 10 and his friend Differ founded the 7 Commandoz. He acted as a judge in many local and International tournaments and represented Jinjo Crew along with Skim and Wing, the members of 7 Commandoz in various competitions. He is currently in a crew called FlowXL formerly known as Drifterz. Hong 10 and his crew member Jinjo are close friends and also share a common studio.

He is known by ‘The King of Halo Freeze’ because of his several halo variations. In 2020, he won the challenge of 32 rounds of battle in Taiwan against the famous B-Boy Harricane. Hurricane strategically was putting short rounds so hong10 stamina could burst out but he kept clean and strong rounds for the whole battle. His stamina is one of the best in the game. He stayed at Harricane’s home during his visit in Taipei.

In an interview with (  he said that he does not think the culture of B-Boy has influence in Korean Hip Hop. Hong 10 liked the movie Beat Street and finds his 2006 BC One victory to be the most memorable. Moreover, Bboy Hong 10 will appear in the Red Bull BC ONE World Final in October 2023 which will be held in Paris, France.

Training Drills:

Hong10 starts his day by stretching every morning at 5. He prefers to do bodyweight training to develop the needed strength and power and starts his workouts with press-ups. After that he does 50 reps for sit-ups and 50 reps for squats. He also does yoga to strengthen his lumber column through cobra and cat pose. He only uses 1 lbs and 2 lbs weights to strengthen his wrists. He practices more than five times a week for longevity.

His training routine for the Las Vegas and New York battle where he battled 10 breakers without a break and won was to make 20 moves then remember those 20 moves and lastly to build stamina to carry out those 20 moves.

To maintain his stamina, he does five rounds of 40 seconds each and 30 seconds break between each round. He repeats this multiple times with a 1-minute break after five round set. For the perfect execution of his power moves, he has a strategy to train for it at the end of the training session.

Signature Moves:

– He has various famous moves including switching halos, chair flares, handcuff mills, spinning armchair, headspin drills, and the Hong10 Freeze.
– His most notable move is ‘Hong 10 freeze’ which is an inverted headstand freeze and it became so popular to be named after him.
– His other notable move is ‘two-fingers freeze’ which is performed by using two fingers of each hand to support the whole body and freezing upside down.
– Bboy Hong 10 has another move known as ‘Halo’ which is a mixture between windmill and a head spin.


2001Be.B-Boy (Japan)
2002Be.B-Boy (Japan)

International Battle of the Year (Germany)

International UK B-Boy Championship with crew (London)

2003Hip Hop Planet (France)

Pro-Am Euro (France)

2004International UK B-Boy Championships with crew (London)
2005Street Dance Summer Jam (Taiwan)

International UK B-Boy Championships with crew (London)

2006Red Bull BC One World Champion (Brazil)
2007Red Bull Beat Battle 
2010Be.B-Boy osaka3on3

Be.B-Boy osaka1on1

2013Red Bull BC One World Champion (South Korea)
2014New Taipei BBoy City
2015Floor Wars Championship (Denmark)

Silverback Open Championship with 7 Commandoz (Pennsylvania)

Freestyle Session Championship with 7 Commandoz (USA)

2023Red Bull BC One World Final (Paris)

Instagram: bboyhongten
Twitter: bboyhong1o
Facebook: hong10official

Red Bull BC One World Final 2013 (Battle):

Bboy Hong 10 vs Bboy Pocket (Battle):

Hong 10 vs Phil Wizard:

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