Bgirl Anka

bgirl anka

Bgirl Anka is from Zabrza, Poland. She won the Gorska Battle in 2022. She is a member of the Yob Team and also represents National Breaking Team of Poland.

Bgirl Anka Profile

Stage NameAnka
Birth NameAnna Sara Szpecht
Active Years2016–present
Age19 (in 2024)
Zodiac SignN/A
Blood TypeN/A

Bgirl Anka Biography, Life Story, Breaking Journey, and Facts:

bgirl anka

Bgirl Anka represents Zabrza, Poland. Her dance story started at the tender age of 12, beginning with ballroom dancing during kindergarten. Her exploration then led her to the journey of hip-hop, where she danced with a team. However, it was breaking that truly captured her heart. Even during classes, she would sneak off to practice breaking, utilizing every free moment to share and discover new moves with friends. 

Her hard work and passion paid off when she secured a spot in the top 8 of the Red Bull BC One Cypher Poland 2021. This achievement opened doors to her breaking career, taking her into the esteemed Polish National Breaking Team.

Anka draws inspiration from the notable Bgirls Paulina and Mery Berry, considering them not only role models in breaking but also in life. Balancing her love for breaking with school life was no easy feat. Until the third year of her technical school, She faced a demanding routine, but she made the most of her time to practice whenever possible. In the 2024 Paris Olympics Qualifications List, she holds the impressive 112th place with 280 breaking points. 

bgirl anka

Titles & Achievements:

2022Break King Bielawa

Gorska Battle

2023I MIEJSCE Bonnie & Clyde

Instagram: bgirl_anka


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