Bgirl Furia

Bgirl Furia

Bgirl Furia is from Madrid, Spain. She became the champion of Red Bull BC One Spain Cypher in 2022. She is a member of Furious Styles Crew and Mighty Zulu Kings & Kweenz.

Bgirl Furia Profile

Stage NameFuria
Birth NameAna Maria Ortega Mondaca
Active Years2010–present
Age29 (in 2023)
Zodiac Signn/a
Blood Typen/a

Bgirl Furia Biography, Life Story, Breaking Journey, and Facts:

Bgirl Furia

Bgirl Furia is originally from MAdrid but currently resides in Barcelona, Spain. In 2010, a dance school was established in a small town near Barcelona, inspired by the popularity of the TV program “Fama, let’s dance!” Among the students was Bgirl Furia, initially attending as a hip hop enthusiast. However, everything changed when B-Boy Artis visited the school to teach a breakdancing class. She was instantly captivated, and she described herself as feeling “very crazy” about it.

This experience sparked her curiosity, leading her to explore the world of breakdancing while still embracing her love for hip hop. A significant moment in her life occurred when she battled with a health issue at the age of 17, resulting in hospitalization for anorexia. During this challenging time, she realized that breaking was a genuine passion and an essential outlet for her expression, something she couldn’t explore while confined to the hospital.

After recovering from her illness, Bgirl Furia made a life-changing decision. She decided to become independent and leave her hometown behind, relocating to Barcelona to be closer to dance schools that offered professional breaking classes. Her determination and dedication to her craft intensified, and she committed to training at a higher level.

With the recent inclusion of breaking as an official sport in the Olympic Games, Bgirl Furia goals have now set their sights on Paris 2024. She aspires to represent her passion and talent on the Olympic stage, showcasing the artistry and athleticism of breaking to a global audience. She currently ranks at 49th spot with 646 points.

Bgirl Furia made a life-changing decision a year ago when she left her job at the Emergency Medical Service in Barcelona and relocated to Madrid. Her primary goal was to train at the High Performance Center, where she could focus entirely on her breaking career. The inclusion of breaking in the program for the 2024 Paris Olympic Games has been a pivotal moment for her, sparking a complete transformation in her life.

Previously, Bgirl Furia used to practice breaking on the streets or in parking lots for a few hours at most, but now her commitment has soared to a whole new level. She dedicates six days a week to training, immersing herself in rigorous sessions both in the morning and afternoon. This dramatic increase in training intensity reflects her unwavering determination to excel in her craft and represent her passion on the Olympic stage.

Training Regime:

Bgirl Furia

Starting from the moment she wakes up until noon, Bgirl Furia devote herself entirely to training, and only take a break to eat before returning to the dance room until late in the evening, sometimes adjusting the duration based on how fatigued she feels. This level of perseverance and continuous practice is crucial for honing her skills and achieving her goals.

Titles & Achievements

2021WDSF European Breaking Championship 5v5 (Russia)
2022Red Bull BC One Cypher (Spain)

Instagram: ana.furia



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