Bgirl Swami

Bgirl Swami

Bgirl Swami is from Mexico. Swami is a champion of Red Bull BC One Boston Cypher in 2022. She is a member of Kadetes del Toque.

Bgirl Swami Profile

Stage NameSwami
Birth NameSwami Oshmara Mostalac Rizzitiello
Active Years2012–present
Age17 (in 2023)
Zodiac Signn/a
Blood Typen/a

Bgirl Swami Biography, Life Story, Breaking Journey, and Facts:

Bgirl Swami

Bgirl Swami is from Mexico. She started her dance journey at the young age of six, instantly falling in love with the art form during her very first class. Initially, it was merely a hobby, but at the tender age of nine, everything changed when she triumphed in her first competition on her birthday. From that moment on, dancing became an irresistible passion, and she found herself unable to resist its allure.

In Bgirl Swami’s dance style, she incorporates certain tricks that require wearing a long T-shirt. This clothing choice becomes essential for moves like sliding with the elbow, where direct contact with the skin could lead to painful burns.

Moreover, some dancers prefer using heavy shoes, but she personally favors super light shoes for her performances. Among the classic options, Swami mentions the Nike Huaraches, but she is currently experimenting with the feel of New Balance shoes, eager to explore new possibilities in her craft.

Bgirl Swami is currently in a relationship with B-Boy Juando. She is also prepping to appear in the Paris Olympics 2024 and currently ranks at 21 spot with 1050 points.


Titles & Achievements:

2018Paradise Battle (Mexico)
2020Campionato Interregional Breaking (Italy)
Juniors Paradise Battle (Mexico)
2022Red Bull BC One Cypher (Boston)
Bonnie & Clyde (USA)
Breaking fro Gold (Montreal)
Temple Rock (Mexico)
2023National Champion (Mexico)

Instagram: swami_bgirl
TikTok: swami_bgirl
Facebook: bgirlswami


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