Bgirl Snap1

Bgirl Snap1

Bgirl Snap1 is from Alaska, USA. She won Queen 16 Festival in 2020. She is from the Flooristas Crew.

Bgril Snap1 Profile

Stage NameSnap1
Birth NameBrianna Pritchard
Active Years2009–present
Age32 (in 2024)
Zodiac SignN/A
Blood TypeN/A

Bgirl Snap1 Biography, Life Story, Breaking Journey, and Facts:

Bgirl Snap1

Bgirl Snap1 or SnapOne hails from Alaska, USA. Starting her breaking journey at the age of 17, she had a unique background as a college-bound hockey and softball player, coming from a family deeply rooted in athletics.

Her father, with dreams of joining professional hockey associations, saw his athletic pursuits halted by a skiing accident, which included a dream of going to the Olympics.

Armed with personal goals and YouTube tutorials, she began her training journey in her garage before progressing to the local rec centre, where she met fellow breakers and formed her first crew.

For over a decade, she has been the sole Bgirl in her region. Her dedication is unwavering, practising rigorously from Monday to Friday. She starts her day at 3:00 am, diving into structured and disciplined training at 4:00 am which involves set training, drills, and numerous rounds. On three of those days, she even engaged in two practice sessions. She has a ranking of 85 place with 480 breaking points in the 2024 Paris Olympics Qualifications List. 

Bgirl Snap1

 Titles & Achievements:

2020Queen 16 Festival
2022Breaking for Gold USA

Instagram: snap1flooristas

Snap1 Vs Sunny

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