Bboy Evo

Bboy Evo

Bboy Evo is from Manchester, UK. He won three consecutive UK Bboy Championships in 1996, 1997, 1998. He is a member of Always Rockin Tuff and Floor Freaks.

Bboy Evo Profile

Stage NameEvo
Birth NameDemon Smurf
Active Years1983-present 
Age54 (in 2024)
Zodiac SignN/A
Blood TypeN/A

Bboy Evo Biography, Life Story, Breaking Journey, and Facts:

Evo started breaking at the age of 14, he was inspired by early old school breakers. At the age of 14 one of his friends gave him a magazine in which there was a chapter of some dancers. At that time He had no idea that anybody was still doing dance so straight away he contacted those guys doing swipes in his bedroom. They met these dancers at a street machine and they showed him a tape of Bboy Storm Swift. He became crazy about bboying. In this way he started his career of breaking.

Bboy Evo is famous for his explosive dance style. According to his crew mates he mixed different and old moves and turned them into new and unique moves. He had very fast and quick moves. On the floor he performs in this way that no one can expect any move from him. He is sharp and dynamic. According to him he was at his peak in the years 1997 and 1998. He was really fit, training every time, all his moves were flowing and head moves were coming from everywhere at that time. He says that there should be something different every time. He always tried to add something new in combinations to make them different. He advises that on the floor you should know the footwork to alter your speed as well as body shape.

He got inspiration from Bboy Ken Swift due to his footwork, moves and his expressions. His other inspiration is Jason Owens. In 1998, Bboy Evo decided to left breaking in that year he participated in UK Championships last time. Because according to him breaking us all about love no other interest should disturb it so, he left it because he could not participate in it with full heart.

Titles & Achievements:

1993Battle of the Year
1996UK Bboy Championships
1997UK Bboy Championships
1998UK Bboy Championships


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