Bboy Hatsolo

Bboy Hatsolo

Bboy Hatsolo is from Jyväskylä, Finland. He has been a champion of Circle Kingz several times. He is a member of Flow Mo Crew.

Bboy Hatsolo Profile

Stage NameHatsolo
Birth NameJohannes Hattunen
OccupationB-Boy, Entrepreneur, Coach
Active Yearsn/a–present
Age39 (in 2023)
Zodiac Signn/a
Blood Typen/a

Bboy Hatsolo Biography, Life Story, Breaking Journey, and Facts:Bboy Hatsolo

Bboy Hatsolo’s journey from Jyväskylä to the international dance arena had been lengthy and challenging. It demanded immense courage, numerous sacrifices, and an unwavering belief in the seemingly impossible, fueled by a wild dream he held since his youth: to become one of the world’s finest dancers. Despite facing laughter and belittlement in the local Central Finnish community, he persevered, disregarding narrow-minded prejudices, and using them as motivation to push himself harder, even during harsh weather conditions like -30°C and complete darkness.

After years of relentless pursuit, his grand dream finally became a reality when, in 2006, his dance group achieved a remarkable victory in one of the world’s most prestigious breakdance competitions in New York. From that moment on, life turned into a dazzling display of fireworks. Over time, Hatsolo’s group accumulated numerous international titles and championships, solidifying their position as dance champions.

The initial phase was far from easy, and Bboy Hatsolo encountered numerous hurdles that demanded hard-earned lessons. Failures, mistakes, and setbacks, however, served as powerful motivators and fueled my determination to achieve success. Consequently, he founded the street dance school, Saiffaa, and introduced the highly popular Training For Warriors gym concept to Finland.

Bboy Hatsolo’s gyms garnered significant recognition, both domestically and internationally. In 2017, he was honored with the prestigious title of the best TFW gym in the world, a testament to the dedication and #POWERED spirit that drives them. He is currently preparing to appear in Paris Olympics 2024 and ranks at 83 with 400 points on the qualifier list.Bboy Hatsolo


Instagram: hatsolo
Youtube: Johannes Hattunen
Twitter: Hatsolo
Facebook: Hatsolo


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