Bboy Midas

Bboy Midas

Bboy Midas is from Stuttgart, Germany. He has won the Red Bull BC One Cypher Germany in his crew in 2023. He is a member of Chaos Delivery and Passion Rockers.

Bboy Midas Profile

Stage NameMidas
Birth NameBen Welker
BirthdayApril, 2001
Active Years2013–present
Age23 (in 2024)
Zodiac SignN/A
Blood TypeN/A

Bboy Midas Biography, Life Story, Breaking Journey, and Facts:

Bboy Midas

Bboy Midas’s father is from Greece so when he was a little kid he always heard stories from Greek Mythology before going to bed. The word Midas is from Greek mythology, Midas was a man who turned everything into gold on touching it. Ben Welker got this name because he was doing everything with passion and everything worked, just like he had a golden touch thus, he got a nickname ‘’Midas’’.

B-boy Midas started breaking in 2013 when he was only 12 years old he saw a breaking show. He and his friend started training in their hometown, later they also went to public training sessions but they never joined a training school or academy. His inspiration is Bboy Wondermike from Funky Fly Crew, he considers him as his mentor because when he was young and time was harder to him, he looked up to him because he taught him a lot of things.He is one of the founders of Chaos Delivery Creand. He is at 242 rank with 135 points in Paris Olympics Qualification System Ranking List.

Bboy Midas

Titles & Achievements:

2018Summer Cypher
Jam Session                              
2021IBBC Hungary (Crew)  
2023Red Bull Bc One Cypher Germany (Crew)
Cypher Conquest Stuttgart

Instagram: midas_cdc


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Midas vs JC Fresh

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