Bboy Tirock

Bboy Tirock

Bboy Tirock is from Curegem, Brussels, Belgium. He was crowned the champion two-times for the Red Bull BC One Belgium Cypher in 2016 and 2018. He is a member of Funky Belgian’z Crew and Belgium with Attitude.

Bboy Tirock Profile

Stage NameTirock or T-Rock
Birth NameTiromana Tupea
Active Yearsn/a –present
Age31 (in 2023)
Zodiac Signn/a
Blood Typen/a

Bboy Tirock Biography, Life Story, Breaking Journey, and Facts:Bboy Tirock

Bboy Tirock hails from Brussels, Belgium. Tirock began his dancing journey in 2005 with stand-up dancing and later ventured into b-boying in 2006. The initiation occurred at La Hip-Hop Famille dance school, situated near the Gare de Bruxelles-Midi, all thanks to his older sister, who understood his passion for dance. The dance school was under the guidance of a close friend of his sister, and this marked the beginning of Tiro’s dance pursuits.

The Hoochen Crew and a b-boy nicknamed Heir played a crucial role in Bboy Tirock’s development. He learned his first Chucky moves from them. However, due to the Hoochen Crew’s involvement in battles, Chucky was not frequently available. Nonetheless, Chucky spoke extensively about the talented break-dancers from the Gare du Nord in Brussels, which was a vibrant break-dancing hub at that time. After approximately three months of training, Bboy Tirock got acquainted with them, and they continued to practice together, laying the foundation for his journey in breakdancing.

Dancing and music have always been an intrinsic part of Tirock’s life, which is evident in his real name, Tiromana. However, his friends affectionately started calling him Tiro, a shorter version of his name. Later, the founder of the Funky Belgian’z crew gave him the moniker Tirock, owing to his penchant for top rock dancing. This name was bestowed upon him due to his skill and not as a result of any deliberate pursuit for recognition.

Bboy Tirock takes great pride in his distinctive style, which revolves around dance, originality, and transitions. He strives to differentiate himself by attempting moves that most other b-boys do not, maintaining a seamless flow of movements without pause or interruption. He is currently ranks at 42 spot with 740 points on the WDSF Olympic Qualifier list.Bboy Tirock

Titles & Achievements :

2016Red Bull BC One Cypher (Belgium)
2018Red Bull BC One Cypher (Belgium)

Instagram: tiro.mana


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