Bboy Illz

Bboy Illz

Bboy Illz is from Toronto, Canada. Illz is a two-time winner of Red Bull BC One Canada Cypher in 2016 and 2022. He is a member of Ground Illusionz, United Rivals, and Lionz of Zion.

Bboy Illz Profile

Stage NameIllz
Birth NameAlessio Signore
Active Years2004–present
Age31 (in 2023)
Zodiac Signn/a
Blood Typen/a

Bboy Illz Biography, Life Story, Breaking Journey, and Facts:

Bboy Illz

Bboy Illz was born and raised in Scarborough, Ontario, Canada and currently residing in Tokyo, Japan. Bboy Illz started breaking at the age of 12. He began his journey into dancing after being captivated by the first-ever Red Bull BC One event in 2004, which he stumbled upon while watching YouTube. Witnessing the dancers’ skills and passion ignited his interest, and he was further drawn to the art form as he observed his older brother and his friends engaging in it.

Initially, his desire to fit in motivated him to take up dancing, but his brother had different plans. This sparked a competitive spirit within him, and he became determined to improve his skills to outshine his brother and his crew. However, after high school, his brother’s group discontinued their dancing pursuits, leaving him as the one carrying on the passion.

When it comes to music, Bboy Illz finds inspiration in slower genres like Jazz or songs by artists like Adele, as they help stimulate his creative flow. On the other hand, raw and intense gangsta music holds a special place for him, reminding him of the battle setting and fueling his dancing with conviction and intensity. The influence of the 80s has also left its mark, inspiring him to adopt a cool style in his performances.

Bboy Illz enjoys studying his material thoroughly, meticulously rewriting his moves on paper, and reviewing his practice footage to improve his skills. To alleviate his anxiety, he finds solace in nature walks. The sauna and cold showers play a crucial role in aiding his rest and recovery after intense training sessions. Additionally, Illz believes that a fresh haircut boosts his confidence and provides him with a bonus sense of self-assurance. He is currently ranks at 63 spot with 500 points on the Olympic qualifier list.

Bboy Illz

Titles & Achievements :

2016Red Bull BC One Cypher (Canada)
2019Blowout Vol 26 10th Anniversary (Japan)
Taipei Bboy City (Taiwan)
2022Red Bull BC One Cypher (Canada)
2023BBIC Bonnie & Clyde (South Korea)
Break Free Day (Hong Kong)

Instagram: illzput
Facebook: anthony.put


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