Bboy Kaku

Bboy Kaku

Bboy Kaku is from Hyogo Prefecture, Japan. He won the Battle of the Year Japan in 2022. He is a founding member of Mortal Combat and the Kose 8 Rocks Crew.

Bboy Kaku Profile

Stage NameKaku
Birth NameKakutani Naoto
OccupationB-Boy, Coach
BirthdayNovember 7th, 1986
Active Years2002–present
Age37 (in 2024)
Zodiac SignScorpio
Height157 cm (5’1”)
Blood TypeN/A

Bboy Kaku Biography, Life Story, Breaking Journey, and Facts: Bboy Kaku

Bboy Kaku, hailing from Japan, embarked on his breaking journey at the age of 15. Initially, his family was skeptical about his choice to pursue breaking as a profession, but over time, they grew to support and take pride in his accomplishments. This change in attitude came as Kaku began representing Japan in international competitions, effectively promoting Japanese culture globally through his performances.

His passion for breaking not only fulfilled his dreams but also transformed it into a sustainable career. When he is not travelling for contests and performances, he teaches dance in Japan, further contributing to his income and sharing his skills with aspiring dancers.

He specializes in “Powermove,” with head spins being his signature move and is renowned for his exceptional ability in head spins, often performing about 20 candle rotations—a move where he spins rapidly with his hands stacked atop one another. Additionally, he is known for seamlessly transitioning from headspins into the candle 2001 move, showcasing his skill and creativity in breaking. He is also part of the Paris Olympic Qualifiers 2024, with an unusual ranking of 280 and 40 breaking points.

Bboy Kaku


2016Red Bull BC One Sasebo City Cypher
2020ArtFunk All Style Battle (2v2)
2021Osaka Dance Battle Championship
Japan Dance Delight Championship
Sunshine Jam Championship
2022Battle Of The Year Championship Japan
2023Old School Night Championship

Instagram: mortalkaku

Bboy Lil G Vs Bboy Kaku

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