Bboy LB

Bboy LB

Bboy LB is from Sheffield, Great Britain. He became the champion of Battle Of The Year Central Europe in 2018. He is a member of the Smac 19 Crew.

Bboy LB Profile

Stage NameLB
Birth NameAnthony  Phung
BirthdayApril 02, 1989
Active Years2003–present
Age35 (in 2024)
Zodiac SignN/A
Blood TypeN/A

Bboy LB Biography, Life Story, Breaking Journey, and Facts

Bboy LB

Bboy LB is a Manchester-based bboy with a breaking journey that began in 2003 in Sheffield under the guidance of old school Bboy Nige from Street Crew. He later joined the Street Vibes Crew in Sheffield before relocating to Manchester and becoming a part of Floor Riderz. While he initially belonged to a crew, he is currently pursuing his breaking career solo.

In the early days of his breaking journey, his unique floppy wrists during top-rock earned him the nickname ‘Ladyboy,’ a playful term coined by his crew. He embraced the name and participated in competitions as ‘Ladyboy’ until he transitioned to ‘B-Boy LB’ when he delved into teaching, considering it a more professional moniker.

His dance style is characterized by unpredictability and smooth patterns. Rather than relying on specific signature moves, he prides himself on possessing a ‘signature flow’ that sets him apart on the dance floor. In the 2024 Paris Olympic Qualifications List, he holds the 261st rank with 100 breaking points.

Bboy LB

2018Battle Of The Year Central Europe
2019Freestyle Session UK Qualifier (3v3)
2021Outbreak Europe 
2023UK Bboy Championships (Crew)

Instagram: lb.smac19
Facebook: anton.phung

X-Rain vs LB

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