Bboy Gravity

Bboy Gravity

Bboy Gravity is an American who is known for winning the Break Free Worldwide Global Championship World Final. He is a member of NYC Hit Squad, Visious By Nature, 5 Crew Dynasty, and Monster Bboys.

Bboy Gravity Profile

Stage Name: Gravity
Birth Name: Miguel Rosario
Occupation: B-boy, Dancer
Birthday: May 20th, 1989
Active Years: 2005–present
Age 35 (in May 2024)
Zodiac Sign: Taurus
Height: 5’8’’
Weight: n/a
Nationality: American
Blood Type: n/a

Bboy Gravity Biography, Life Story, Breaking Journey, and Facts:

Bboy Gravity– Gravity was born in Brooklyn, New York City in the USA.
– He currently lives in Phoenix, Arizona.
– He graduated High School from Long Island City High School in Queens, New York.
– He is a father of five.
– He has a German Shepherd.
– He likes to do cliff diving, jet skiing, and paintballing.
– He used to do gymnastics from the age of 5.
– He got interested in breaking in 2004 by watching ‘You Got Served’.
– He was on the road to being a part of the Olympic team of gymnasts in 2012.
– He got into breaking at the age of 16.
– His 11 year old son is also into breaking.
– Gravity wants to be Rob Dydrek of breaking. (
– He has his own facility for training breakers.
– Gravity has a sneaker company named ‘Catch Wrek’.
– He goes to Hawaii every year to relax. (stance)
– In 2021, he had an anterior labral tear in his shoulder and had surgery.
– Gravity has over 10 international world titles under his belt and over 80 national titles.
– He is going to represent the USA in the Olympic Games 2024.
– He ranked 6th on the Olympic qualifier list with 1870 points.

Do’s & Don’ts:

Bboy Gravity

– He doesn’t drink alcohol to maintain his diet.
– He drinks fresh juices everyday, takes vitamins, and nutrients.
– He does ice baths, saunas, compression sleeves, infrared therapy to help with his shoulder injury.



2014IBE World Championship (Netherlands)
2017UK B-Boy Championships (UK)
2021Break X Grand Jam Championship (USA)
2022Skillz Talk Las Vegas (USA)

Social Media Handles

Instagram: gravity____official
Youtube: GRAVITY
Twitter: bboygravity
Facebook: bboygravity

Bboy Mounir vs. Bboy Gravity:

Giravity vs Sunni (Breaking for Gold 3rd Place Battle):

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