Bboy Redburn

Bboy Redburn

Bboy Redburn is from Gimhae, South Korea. Bboy Redburn has won Korea Hip Hop Culture Award in 2023. He is a member of Wild Crew.

Bboy Redburn Profile

Stage NameRedburn
Birth NameJeong Ha-Yong(정하용)
BirthdayJuly 12, 1998
Active YearsN/A–present
Age25 (in 2024)
Zodiac SignCancer
Blood TypeN/A

Bboy Redburn Biography, Life Story, Breaking Journey, and Facts:

Bboy Redburn

Bboy Redburn’s favorite color is red since his childhood because the main character of all cartoons is red . He really likes red because everything is red so he wanted to include the word red. He was just looking up an English dictionary to come up with a nickname and he came across the word burn but the word burn is something like burning. There was something about  breaking in his life that he was going to pour all of his efforts and  his life into it and burn it all down. He kept the middle school feeling he had back then and just called it Redburn and created his nickname like this.

Start of Breaking Career

Redburn started breaking when he first entered school. During his wandering days he danced on K-pop broadcasts at the recommendation of his friends but  he just had nothing else to do, so he just followed around his friends, danced at broadcasts, and just lived that kind of life. He saw a video and hip hop music was playing and he saw there were some cool guys rolling around on the floor, hitting their heads, spinning around, etc . These movements were flashy, he was totally hooked. His path was clear for him and that was the time when he decided to do it. His family places a lot of importance on studies so, when he said that he wanted to dance they almost did the opposite and did it very violently. On the contrary, his parents did it too harshly and his friends around him called him using the slang term ‘’dantttara’’, when they saw him, he was treated like a bully or a problem child at school just because he danced. Thus, he wanted to be prejudiced as much as possible, so he worked harder in class, greeted the  teachers more politely, and lived like that. He just felt an attraction that was not set in stone. He was attracted more and more towards breaking and falling in love with it. 


When Bboy Redburn started breaking there was no teacher to teach him and no practice room, he just put a box on the floor and put duct tape on it. There was no teacher to guide him so he didn’t know which movements were correct. Initially, he woke up at 5:00 am to 6:00 am three or four times a week and ran for 5 km to warm up. But when he headed a practice room he got roller stretching and other stretchings and then he started functional practice through bands, he called it interval training it was like Crossfit that’s one or two or now more after doing it for one hour he also practiced full scale breaking for about 3-4 hours so he concentrated on practice the whole day. In the starting he practiced a lot and used his full body as a result he got several injuries. But now he researched first, which muscle is mainly used and what kind of flexibility he has to make in his body for a specific technique therefore, now he gets less injuries. According to him, breaking is something that helped him to grow in his life and his life is totally changed by breaking. Redburn’s dance strength is his creativity. He is the leader of Wild Crew.

Bboy Redburn

Titles & Achievements

2021World Hip Hop Dance Contest (Crew)
2023Respect Culture Korea
Respect Culture Series Korea National Selection
Breaking on Top (Crew)

Instagram: wild_redburn



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