Bgirl Raw Law

Bgirl Raw Law

Bgirl Raw Law is from Granda, Spain. She is a two-time champion of Red Bull BC One Spain Cypher in 2019 and 2021. She is a member of The Bronx Boys, Totales, and Skullgangs.

Bgirl Raw Law Profile

Stage NameRaw Law
Birth NameLaura Garcia Arroyave
Active Years2008–present
Age29 (in 2023)
Zodiac Signn/a
Blood Typen/a

Bgirl Raw Law Biography, Life Story, Breaking Journey, and Facts:Bgirl Raw Law

Bgirl Raw Law is from Granada, Spain. She was introduced to breaking in 2008 when she saw some boys breaking at a workshop in an exhibiiton at trade fair in Granda. After two months, she started taking classes for breaking. Her first mentor was B-Boy Shyno and he still provides her with advice and truths that helps. After a year, she started participating in the competitions. Before breaking, she used to play soccer but gave it up for the love of breaking. She is currently ranks at 36th spot with 792 points on the WDSF Olympic Qualifier list.

Training Regime:

Bgirl Raw Law follows a training plan that consists of about three hours per day for five days a week, focusing solely on breaking practice. In addition to this, she incorporates several days of cardio using a skipping rope and various exercises to build endurance and strength. When it comes to training, she prefers a serene approach. She often starts early, engaging in slow footwork to set the tone and put herself in different mindsets. As the intensity picks up, she becomes more focused on her bag work. Generally, she strives for a balanced approach, being able to practice techniques calmly in the beginning and then intensifying her training later on. (sportfem)Bgirl Raw Law

Titles & Achievements

2019Red Bull BC One Cypher (Spain)
2021Red Bull BC One Cypher (Spain)
Spain Breaking Championship (Spain)
Madrid Urban Sports (Spain)
Las 3 Batallas Breaking (Spain)

Instagram: bgirl_law
Facebook: laura.garciaarroyave



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B-Girl Furia vs. B-Girl Law:

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