Bgirl La Vix

Bgirl La Vix

Bgirl La Vix is from California, USA. She was crowned the champion Breaking for Gold in 2022. She is a member of Team USA.

Bgirl La Vix Profile

Stage NameLa Vix
Birth NameVicki Emily Chang
BirthdayAugust 3rd, 1990
Active Years2008–present
Age33 (in 2023)
Zodiac Signn/a
Blood Typen/a

Bgirl La Vix Biography, Life Story, Breaking Journey, and Facts:Bgirl La Vix

Bgirl La Vix hailing from San Jose, California, embarked on her breakdancing journey at the age of 18 while pursuing a degree in ecology and restoration sociology at the University of California, Berkeley. Despite her academic pursuits, her passion for breaking gradually took center stage in her life, leading her to make a career shift from being an ecological consultant to becoming a full-time breaker in 2021, allowing her to wholeheartedly pursue her true passions.

At present, Bgirl La Vix holds a prestigious spot on Team USA, and she is actively striving to qualify for the highly anticipated Paris 2024 Olympics. Throughout her career, she has had the opportunity to showcase her skills and artistry while dancing for renowned brands such as Nike, Lyft, Red Bull, and the Golden State Warriors, leaving a mark on various platforms with her impressive performances.

Bgirl La Vix’s dance style is a true reflection of the diverse music and dance culture prevalent in the Bay Area. Her unique approach has earned her accolades, with observers describing it as creative and intricate. The world of breaking provides her with a canvas of innovative freedom, allowing her to express herself fully and authentically. Her journey in breaking has been greatly influenced by the guidance and support of her friends and mentors, who continue to inspire her deeply.

As a dedicated member of several dance crews, including 4th World, the Calamities, Elephant Graveyard, and the artistry collective “The Soulshifters,” Bgirl La Vix remains deeply rooted in the vibrant and evolving world of breakdancing, leaving an indelible mark on the dance community. She is currently ranks at 23rd spot with 1040 points on the WDSF Olympic Qualifier list.Bgirl La Vix

Titles & Achievements

2021Battle of the Rockies (USA)
2022Breaking for Gold National Champion (USA)
Instax Undisputed (USA)
2023You Be Elle (Canada)

Instagram: la_vix
TikTok: la_vix_
Linkedin: vechang



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