Battle Of The Year World Final 2023 (Osaka)

Battle Of The Year World Final

Battle of the Year (BOTY) World Final 2023 Breaking competition took place in Osaka, Japan on November 25th, 2023 and showcased b-boys and b-girls participating in 1v1 / 2v2 battles and Crew battles.

Battle Of The Year 2023 – Event Info

Event NameBattle of the Year (BOTY) World Final
VenueINTEX Osaka, Japan
DateNovember 25th, 2023
Categories2v2 B-Girl, 1v1 B-Boy, Crew
DeejaysDJ Tee and DJ Just A Kid
JudgesBboy RoxRite, Bboy Luigi, Bboy Nori, Bgirl AT, and Bgirl Kastet.
HostsMC Kensaku and Trix
CrewsCambodian Dreams, Mortal Combat, Predatorz, Super Cr3w, The Ruggeds, Battle Droids, Black Out Crew, Found Nation Crew, Hentai Breakers, Kick’s Orchestra Juniors, and Flow XL.
1v1 BboysBboy Phil Wizard VS Bboy Onton
2v2 BgirlsBgirl Sarah Bee / Bgirl Ayumi VS Bgirl Yurie / Bgirl Eri Finesis

Battle Of The Year 2023 – Event Details

Battle of the Year, often called BOTY, is a yearly global breakdancing contest that started in 1990. It’s considered the top b-boying competition globally and is sometimes called the “World Cup of B-Boying.” Regional competitions, also known as preliminaries, happen all over the world, leading up to the BOTY International, the ultimate world finals event. The big dance competition, Battle of the Year World Final 2023, happened in Osaka, Japan, on November 25. INTAX OSAKA put on a really cool show with amazing moves and strong competition.

Osaka, a lively city, was the perfect place for this year’s exciting showdown at the INTEX OSAKA. Battle of the Year has a long history and is one of the oldest global competitions, bringing together top-breaking crews for a night of intense battles. With its rich history and worldwide recognition, Battle of the Year celebrates the artistry and athleticism of breaking, creating a sense of togetherness and excitement for both dancers and fans.

Crew Winners

First PlaceSecond PlaceLosing Semi finalistsBest Show
PredatorzFlow XLThe Ruggeds and Found NationFound Nation

Bboy 1v1 Winner

WinnerRunner Up
Phil Wizard (Canada)Onton (Canada)

Bgirl 2v2 Winners

WinnersRunner Up
Sarah Bee (France)

Ayumi (Japan)

Yurie (Japan)

Eri Finesis (Japan)

Crew Category

Battle Chart - Battle of the Year 2023 l World Final Osaka
Battle Chart

1. Predatorz Crew

Predatorz Crew winners (1 place)
Predatorz Crew
Founded In2002
Active Years2002–present
Predatorz  MembersAslan, Aduh, Teembo, Fastfoot, Gipsy, Jamal, Plastmass, Beatmaster T, Amir, Shamil, Arsex
Former MemberAlkolil

Predatorz Crew Facts

The Predatorz Crew is an 11-member breaking group from Moscow, Russia, which was founded in 2002. In the World Final of Battle of the Year, they went against the Super Cr3w in the first round and against Found Nation Crew in the semi-final round taking themselves into the finals against Flow XL Crew. They became the champion of the Battle of the Year World Final 2023. However, this is their second winning as they also won the 2014 Battle of the Year. Read More About Predatorz Crew


Instagram: predatorzcrew 
Youtube: CrewPredatorz 
Facebook: przcrew 

2. Flow XL Crew

flowxl crew
flowxl crew
Founded In2021
Active Years2021–present
Flow XL MembersRookie, Hong10, Fe, Moony, Jazzbear, Millie, Sonju, Dan Jeong, and Blondie
Former MemberN/A

Flow XL Crew Facts

Flow XL is a nine-member crew from Seoul, South Korea, which was formed in February 2021 mainly by former Drifterz Crew members. In this event, they went against the Hentai Breakers crew in the first round only to come up against The Ruggeds in the semi-final. They lost to the Predatorz crew in the final and got second place in the Battle of the Year World Final 2023.


Instagram: flowxl.crew
Youtube: flowxl

3. The Ruggeds

The Ruggeds
The Ruggeds
Founded in 2005
Active Years2005-present
The Ruggeds MembersRoy, Zoopreme, Skychief, Jessy, Niek Traa, Lee, Tawfiq, Duzk, and Stepper
GenreHipHop, Breaking

The Ruggeds Facts

The Ruggeds is a 9-member breaking group from The Netherlands which was founded in 2005. They battled against Battle Droids crew in the first round; winning it and taking themselves towards the semi-final against Flow XL crew. Unfortunately, they lost the semi-finals but they do have the Battle of the Year 2022 title under their belt. Read More About The Ruggeds


Instagram: theruggeds
Youtube: RuggedSolutions
Twitter: TheRuggeds  
Facebook: theruggeds  
Linkedin: theruggeds 

4. Found Nation Crew

Found Nation Crew
Found Nation Crew
Founded In2002
Active Years2002–present
Found Nation Crew MembersKossy, Fly, Dragon, Doverman, Wingzero, Shuvan, Busta Bash, 2Goo, Ryo-flow, Issei, Tetsu, Ryo-spin, Yu-ki, Lilpinscher, Youtee, Zenon, and Mikado.
Former MemberN/A

Found Nation Crew Facts

The Found Nation Crew (FNC) is a seventeen-member breaking group from Yamanashi, Japan, which was founded in 2002. They battled against the Mortal Combat crew in the first round and after that, they faced with the Predatorz crew. Unfortunately, they lost in the semi-finals but won the “Best Show” title. They also came in second at the 2018 Battle of the Year World Final. Read More About Found Nation Crew


Instagram: foundnation_official
Twitter: foundnationcrew

1v1 Bboy Category

1. Phil Wizard vs Onton

Phil Wizard vs Onton
Phil Wizard vs Onton
Bboy Phil Wizard      Bboy Onton
Stage NamePhil WizardStage NameOnton
Birth NamePhilip KimBirth NameOnton See
Active Years2009–presentActive Years2003–present
Age28 (in 2024)Age38 (in 2023)
Zodiac SignN/AZodiac SignN/A
Blood TypeN/ABlood TypeN/A

Battle Details

Bboy Phil Wizard and Bboy Onton both come from Canada and also have a common crew i.e United Rivals. They faced each other in the Final round in which Bboy Phil Wizard took the title of the champion of 1v1 Bboy.

Bboy Phil Wizard
Bboy Phil Wizard


Bboy Phil Wizard
Instagram: philkwizard
TikTok: philkwizard
Facebook: Phil-Wizard

Bboy Onton
Instagram: OntonSNC
Twitter: ontonsnc
TikTok: ontonsnc
Facebook: BboyOnton 

2v2 Bgirl Category

1. Bgirl Sarah Bee / Bgirl Ayumi

Bgirl Sarah Bee Vs Bgirl Ayumi
2v2 Bgirl Category
Bgirl Sarah BeeBgirl Ayumi
Stage NameSarah BeeStage NameAyumi
Birth NameSarah BouyahyaouiBirth NameAyumi Fukushima
Birthday1990BirthdayJune 22nd, 1983
Active Years2001–presentActive Years2004–present
Age34 (in 2024)Age40 (in 2023)
Zodiac SignN/AZodiac SignCancer
Blood TypeN/ABlood TypeN/A

Battle Details

Bgirl Sarah Bee hails from France while Bgirl Ayumi hails from Japan. They together faced Bgirl Yurie and Bgirl Eri Finesis from Japan in the 2v2 Bgirl Battle of the Year World Final 2023. Bgirl Ayumi formerly competed in the 2016 1v1 Battle of the Year in which she went against Bboy Zoob and won that top 16 round battle while Bgirl Sarah Bee is a champion of the 2v2 B-Girl competition at the 2008 Battle of the Year event.


Bgirl Sarah Bee
Instagram: iamsarahbee

Bgirl Ayumi
Instagram: ayumi.bodycarnival
Facebook: Bgirl-Ayumi

2. Bgirl Yurie / Bgirl Eri Finesis

Yurie / Eri Finesis
Yurie / Eri Finesis
Bgirl YurieBgirl Eri Finesis
Stage NameYurieStage NameEri Finesis
Birth NameYurie NakamuraBirth NameEriko Taba
Active Years2003–presentActive YearsN/A–present
Age39 (in 2024)Age42 (in 2023)
Zodiac SignCancerZodiac SignN/A
Blood TypeN/ABlood TypeN/A

Battle Details

Bgirl Yurie and Bgirl Eri Finesis both hail from Japan. They battled against Bgirl Sarah Bee and Bgirl Ayumi in the 2v2 Bgirl category but unfortunately, they lost the title. Additionally, Bgirl Eri Finesis also competed in the 2022 Battle of the Year.



Bgirl Yurie
Instagram: b_girl_yurie
Twitter: BgirlYurie
Facebook: yurie.nakamura.7 

Bgirl Eri Finesis
Instagram: bgirleri0730
Twitter: bgirl_eri_kir
Facebook: eri.kir.5 


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Battle of the Year World Final 2023:


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