Bboy Bruce Lee

Bboy Bruce Lee

Bboy Bruce Lee is from South Korea. Bboy He has won Bboy Hodown winner in the USA in the year 2006 . He is a member of Gamblerz Crew

Bboy Bruce Lee Profile

Stage NameBruce Lee 
Birth NameKyu-Sang Shin (규상신)
BirthdayJanuary 15,1985
Active Years1997-present
Age39 (in 2024)
Zodiac SignCapricorn 
Height180 cm (5’10″)
Weight70 kg (154lbs)
Blood TypeA

Bboy Bruce Lee Biography, Life Story, Breaking Journey, and Facts:

Bboy Bruce Lee

Bboy Bruce Lee obtained his name “Bruce Lee ” from Japan. Bruce Lee went to Japan for a Bboy Battle and that was the time when the audience saw him and gave him the name “Bruce Lee”. In this way he got his stage name and achieved fame by this name. Everyone was astonished by his one-handed air track. Bboy Bruce Lee once said that he first practiced the freeze one hand hand-stand at a height of about five meters. He has a special technique of head spinning in his breaking. Although he called it dangerous himself. 

Bboy Bruce Lee Fitness

In order to increase his fighting ability he introduced Jeet Kune Do  which was meant by combination of the strength of different  martial arts. It was introduced by him for the first time. focused on all the sections of his fitness which includes muscular fortitude, cardiovascular fortitude, robustness and flexibility. Bboy Bruce Lee even inaugurated classic bodybuilding techniques into his training routine to achieve muscle mass for his martial arts.

Bboy Bruce Lee Workout Routine

According to Bruce Lee, training is one of the most neglected stages of athletics. According to him we give a lot of time to the development of skill and give a little bit time for the development of the individual for participation. In his training he always begins with the warm up. He learned this lesson when he got a backbone injury because he didn’t start his day with warm up so after that injury he always starts his day with warm up. He would run 4 miles three days per week to make himself healthy and on the days when he did not go for running he would skip for minimum 30 minutes with approximately 45 minutes of cycling. Some his other trainings are:

– Punching training
– Leg stretching
– Kicking training
– Wooden dummy training 

Bboy Bruce Lee

Titles & Achievements:

2003Be Bboy
2004Boy of the year 
2006   Bboy Hodown

Instagram: gamblerzbrucelee
Youtube: bruceleetv
Twitter:  gamblerbrucelee



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