Bboy Skychief

Bboy Skychief

Bboy Skychief is from The Netherlands. He has won UK Bboy Championship as a member of The Ruggeds in 2014. He is a member of The Ruggeds.

Bboy Skychief Profile

Stage NameSkychief
Birth NameVirgil Dey
Active YearsN/A–present
AgeN/A (in 2023)
Zodiac SignN/A
Blood TypeN/A

Bboy Skychief Facts:

Bboy Skychief

Bboy Skychief, most famous by his name Skychief in the world of breaking is considered to be the multitalented Bboy with many years of familiarity with free flowing and methodology of house dancing. He is named Skychief due to his lofty flying dexterity movements. His body moves with dynamic energy and like an elastic band. He has a potential to contort his legs impulsively. He can move his limbs into inconceivable lunatic shapes and can move across stages in unbelievable  incalculable ways.

He is a member of  “The Ruggeds” crew. Skychief with his crew took part in a lot of theater festivals. He engaged in numerous competitions and accomplished various TV shows. He performed in the theater “Musicality is Everything” which became very popular. He is considered to be a Bboy with extraordinary flexibility and even he has the ability to hold it for a few seconds.

Bboy Skychief

Titles & Achievements:

2014UK Bboy Championships (crew)
2017Silverback Bboy Championships (crew)

Instagram: skychieftheruggeds



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