Bboy Lil Amok

Bboy Lil Amok

Bboy Lil Amok is from Germany who won the IBE power move battle and is famous for his human firework move. He is a crew member of German breaking crew “Flying Steps”.

Bboy Lil Amok Profile

Stage Name: Lil Amok
Birth Name: Adnan Dushaku
Occupation: B-Boy
Birthday: 1991
Active Years: 1999–present
Age 33 (in Jul 2024)
Zodiac Sign: n/a
Height: n/a
Weight: n/a
Nationality: German
Blood Type: n/a

Bboy Lil Amok Biography, Life Story, Breaking Journey, and Facts:

Bboy Lil Amok was born in Drenica, Kosovo. He is Albanian. He grew up in Celle, Germany. He lives in Berlin, Germany. He has 7 siblings. (TV Strassensound). He has been a fan of hip-hop music. Bboy Lil Amok started dancing at the age of 8 after being motivated by his B-Boy brother ( He won his first battle at the age of 12. He is known as a power mover. He got a forearm injury in 2011. He joined ‘Flying Steps’ in 2012. His father passed away in January 2012. He has around 2 million views on his instagram videos per month. Lil Amok is associated with Nike, Volkswagen, RedBull, Adidas, and Seat. He is a stage dancer for Urban Dance Shows. He is the face of ‘Endless wAir’ clothing line. He is a coach for the German Olympic team of breakers.


Bboy Lil Amok has alot of dynamic signatures including Air Backspin drop. He does the power move of ‘air flares’ move where he attaches fireworks on his ankles and whirls around on his hand. He combines acrobatics with diverse power moves.


2011Chelles Battle Pro (France)
2019The Notorious IBE (Netherlands)
2020Video of the Year Hip Hop de Award

Social Media Handles

Instagram: lilamok
Youtube: lilamoktb
Twitter: lil_amok
TikTok: lilamokofficial
Facebook: lilamok.official

AirFlare With Fireworks:

B-Boy Lil Zoo vs. B-Boy Lil Amok:

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