Bboy Issue

Bboy Issue

Bboy Issue is from Suwon, South Korea. He has won the Israel Breakdance Championships in 2016. He is a former member of Morning of Owl Crew.

Bboy Issue Profile

Stage NameIssue
Birth NameKwangsuk Park (박광석)
OccupationB-Boy, Dancer, Choreographer
Active Years1998–present
Age38 (in 2024)
Zodiac SignN/A
Blood TypeN/A

Bboy Issue Biography, Life Story, Breaking Journey, and Facts:Bboy Issue

Bboy Issue hails from South Korea but is currently based in Zurich, Switzerland. He started breaking at the age of 12 years with basic dance but with the passage of time, he moved to complexity and acrobatic power moves.

He combines breaking with martial arts, contemporary dance, Korean dance and street dance. In 2002, he along with Bboy Sez founded the most famous breaking crew Morning of Owl and is ambitious about teaching children, and adults and becomes happy to help enthusiastic Bboys and Bgirls in their journey.

Bboy Issue

Titles & Achievements:

2012Jeonju Bboy Grandprix crew
2013R-16 Korea (Crew)
UK Bboy Championships (Crew)
Break the Floor
2014Break The Floor crew
2016Israel Breakdance Championships

Instagram: bboyissue
Youtube: BboyIssue
Facebook: mooissue

Bboy Lussy Sky Vs Bboy Issue

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