Bboy Lussy Sky

Bboy Lussy Sky

Bboy Lussy Sky is from Kyiv, Ukraine. Lussy Sky became an Undisputed Master during the World BBoy Series 2017. He is a member of Black Market crew, Magic Mad Men crew, and Navi crew.

Bboy Lussy Sky Profile

Stage Name: Lussy Sky
Birth Name: Oleksandr Gatyn-Lozynskyi
Occupation: B-Boy, Singer, Songwriter
Birthday: May 23rd, 1991
Active Years: 2005–present
Age 33 (in Jun 2024)
Zodiac Sign: Gemini
Height: n/a
Weight: n/a
Nationality: Ukrainian
Blood Type: n/a

Bboy Lussy Sky Biography, Life Story, Breaking Journey, and Facts:

Bboy Lussy Sky

He was born in Kyiv and currently lives in Lviv, Ukraine. His friends and family call him ‘Lesik’. His father is a pastor. Bboy Lussy Sky was introduced to breaking in 1999 at the age of 8 when he was holidaying on the Crimean Peninsula and saw a man doing tricks in the sand with one hand which captivated him for more than 20 minutes.

He further got to know about B-Boying culture at the age of 11 when he went to Poland on a school trip and saw some boys doing head spins. At the age of 14, Bboy Lussy Sky started to take classes for breaking at the local training center for B-Boys. His pseudonym ‘Lussy Sky’ was given to him by one of his team members at that time due to his nickname ‘Lesik’.

However, he was reluctant to take up this name due to its feminine touch. After some time, he took up ‘Lussy Sky’ as his pseudonym due to the Beatles song ‘Lucy in the Sky’ which was about LSD and he wanted his dance style to be addicted like drugs. Therefore, he became ‘Lussy Sky’ (Source:

Bboy Lussy Sky was influenced by the Rivers crew, Beatmaster from Predatorz, B-Boy Cloud, B-Boy Casper, and B-Boy Intact from RuffNeck Attack. He enrolled in 2009 for the music studies in Lviv but left due to the craze of breaking. He was married for five years before getting divorced. He comes from a family of singers and had been growing up singing. He sings ‘Estrada’ in Ukraine which is a Ukrainian style of singing (Source: olympics). His biggest strength is his attitude and he gets angry when people form a negative opinion about someone without talking to them. He is the leader of the Navi crew. He is preparing to participate in the Olympic Games 2024 and is ranked 13th on the Olympic qualifier list with 1370 points.

Bboy Lussy Sky

Call Out Battle Between Lussy Sky & Intact:

Bboy Lussy Sky and Intact from RuffNeck Attack crew battled after a training session to settle the call out. It is unknown as to what caused the call out and who challenged whom. However, B-Boy Intact tried to end the call out after some rounds by extending his hand for a handshake which was declined by Lussy Sky. After some more rounds, B-Boy Intact again extended his hand which Lussy Sky accepted by giving him a hand slap.

Bboy Lussy Sky

Titles & Achievements:

2017Toulouse Battle Pro (France)
2020Break The Floor 3v3 (France)
2021Hip Hop Weekend (Sweden)
Joint & Jam x Floor Wars Qualifier 3v3 (Ukraine)

Social Media Handles
Instagram: lussysky
TikTok: lussysky
Facebook: lussyskynavi

Call Out Battle | Intact vs Lussy Sky:

Shigekix vs Lussy Sky:

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