Bboy Stripes

Bboy Stripes

Bboy Stripes is from Florida, USA. He won Red Bull Lords of the Floor alongside Bboy Menno in 2024. He is currently associated with Main Ingredientz and Flipside Kingz.

Bboy Stripes Profile

Stage NameStripes
Birth NameMorgan
Active Years2001–present
Age36 (in 2024)
Zodiac Signn/a
Blood Typen/a

Bboy Stripes Biography, Life Story, Breaking Journey, and Facts: Bboy Stripes

Stripes originally was born in Stuttgart, Germany and later moved to Jacksonville in Florida at the age of 5. He’s been breaking for 19 years and dances with crews like Flipside Kingz and Main Ingredients. It all started when he was a kid, watching an older friend in his neighbourhood and started to break with him for about two weeks and then forgot about it. Then in 2001, he got his hands on radiotron tape and started to practice alone for a year up until high school where he found more people who were doing breaking at the time.

He credits b-boys like Kevo, Lego, and others for shaping how he dances today. They showed him moves and styles that he’s incorporated into his own way of dancing. Outside of breaking, he likes to keep things chill.

He enjoys music from artists like Gil Scott and Radiohead, and he loves playing video games. He’s traveled a lot for dance, with France being a standout trip because it was his first big adventure overseas. When it comes to food, he loves seafood, and a tasty Nicaraguan dish called Fritanga.

Bboy Stripes


2012Hip OPsession 
2018Unbreakable World Final
2019Outbreak Europe
2024Red Bull Lords of the Floor

Instagram: stripeslove
Facebook: StripesLove 

Stripes & Menno vs. Alvin & Lil G


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