Bboy Poe One

Bboy Poe One

Bboy Poe One is from Los Angeles, USA. Poe One has been one of the members of the jury at Battle of the Year and Red Bull BC One 2005. He is a member of Style Elements.

Bboy Poe One Profile

Stage NamePoe One
Birth NameEdmundo
OccupationB-Boy, Coach, Choreographer
Active Years1983–present
Age52 (in 2023)
Zodiac Signn/a
Blood Typen/a

Bboy Poe One Biography, Life Story, Breaking Journey, and Facts:Bboy Poe One

Bboy Poe One hails from Los Angeles, USA but currently resides in Melbourne, Australia. In the mid-1980s, around 1984, Bboy Poe Onee, aged about 14, received his distinctive name from two guys hailing from Brooklyn, Puc and Zoe. The name was a creative combination, taking the “P” from “Puc” and “oe” from “Zoe.” Prior to this, he was known as Nes, an abbreviation for “Never Ending Style,” and were affectionately called “little Nes” by someone from Puerto Rico named Nasty Nes (Nestor), who was his mentor and teacher.

The realm of Hip Hop brought immense positive changes and lessons into his life. At a crucial time when Bboy Poe One sought confidence and self-belief, Hip Hop opened numerous doors and provided an identity on the block—a way to express himself without consciously recognizing it as an outlet. It all began at the age of 12, during a period when he grappled with insecurities, especially in a divorced family setup, longing for a father figure. Hip Hop became a means of release, offering him an escape, a sense of admiration for breakers who seemed like superheroes with their exceptional and unique moves.

The pursuit of respect from those he looked up to family, friends, and peers on the block became a driving force. Bboy Poe One realized that mastery in breaking earned him recognition and even deterred bullies from bothering him. The hard work he put into his craft yielded the desired appreciation from those he admired.

LifeStyle & Diet:

To maintain his physical health and performance, Bboy Poe One adopted a disciplined lifestyle. This involved careful stretching, attentive listening to his body’s needs, and staying well-hydrated with water and fresh juices. He made a conscious effort to cut out certain foods, focusing on raw vegetables and fruits while reducing portions and chewing his food thoroughly. Prioritizing quality sleep also became a significant aspect of his well-being. (fitmentalitydotcom)

When attending jam sessions, he opts for nutritious choices like fruits instead of chips, recognizing the importance of potassium for preventing cramps. Bboy Poe One steered clear of processed drinks like Gatorade, favoring water with a pinch of sea salt to replenish electrolytes.

These lifestyle practices were undoubtedly challenging, but they were the key to ensuring longevity in his breaking journey and overall well-being. As they continued to grow as a b-boy, he cherished the wisdom gained from Hip Hop and maintained a balanced approach towards his health and craft.

Titles & Achievements

2018Outbreak Europe (Slovakia)
Silverback Open Championship (Philadelphia)
Snap Battle of the Year International (France)
The Legits Blast (Slovakia)
2019Battle Opsession crew (France)
2020Outbreak Europe (Slovakia)

Instagram: poeoneism


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