Bgirl Roxy

Bgirl Roxy

Bgirl Roxy is from London, United Kingdom who is a Guinness world record holder for 71 headspins in 60 seconds. She is currently a member of Heart Breakerz, Plague Dance Crew, Indahouse, and The Clique. She represents DanceSport England as well.

Bgirl Roxy Profile

Stage Name: Roxy
Birth Name: Roxanne Milliner
Occupation: B-Girl
Birthday: August 3rd, 1989
Active Years: 2005–present
Age 34 (in Jul 2024)
Zodiac Sign: Leo
Height: 1.56 m
Weight: n/a
Nationality: UK
Blood Type: n/a

Bgirl Roxy Biography, Life Story, Breaking Journey, and Facts:

Bgirl Roxy

Bgirl Roxy grew up in South London, UK. She was a world champion trampolinist and got a back injury due to trampolining. She started breaking at the age of 16 because her brother was a dancer and her inspiration to start dancing (Source: redbull). She has a son named ‘Leo’ and tore her pelvic floor muscle during the delivery of her son. Roxy is known for her flexibility and freezes. She has competed in Asia, America, and Europe and her favorite places are the Netherlands and South Korea. She is an ambassador for Relentless Energy Drink and an important member of Plague and Funkstylerz of ProDance groups. She appeared in The Royal Variety Show. Bgirl Roxy is in a relationship with B-Boy Victor and top inspirations in B-Boys are B-Boy Junior, B-Boy Victor, and B-Boy Storm. Her top inspirations in B-Girls are B-Girl Macca, and B-Girl Nadia.

Bgirl Roxy

Titles & Achievements:

– She has two Guinness World Records.
– She represented the UK in the UK B-Boy Championships World Finals.
– Bgirl Roxy also represented the UK in the Battle of the Year World Finals.
– She took part in The Notorious IBE.
– She is the first female to compete at the R16 world finals.

Social Media Handles
Instagram: bgirlroxy
Twitter: PlagueDanceCrew
Facebook: bgirlroxy


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Roxy vs Carlota (1v1 b-girl semifinals):

Roxy vs LiL Zoo:

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