Bgirl Fresh Bella

Bgirl Fresh Bella

Bgirl Fresh Bella is from Seoul, South Korea. Fresh Bella won Bronze at the WDSF Breaking for Gold International Series Montreal in 2023. She is a member of Soul Burnz.

Bgirl Fresh Bella Profile

Stage NameFresh Bella
Birth NameJeon Ji Ye (전지예)
Active Years2015–present
Age24 (in 2023)
Zodiac Signn/a
Blood Typen/a

Bgirl Fresh Bella Biography, Life Story, Breaking Journey, and Facts:Bgirl Fresh Bella

Bgirl Fresh Bella has maintained a distinct fashion style for the past nine years, donning loose-fitting T-shirts and wide-leg pants. Since her high school days, when she first delved into breaking, she firmly believed that these clothes perfectly suited her.

Her passion for figure skating during middle school influenced her preference for clothes that hugged her limbs. However, after realizing that her figure skating dreams might not come to fruition, Bgirl Fresh Bella shifted her focus to dancing. Initially aspiring to become an idol, she struggled with dancing while looking at the camera, a fundamental aspect of idol practice. But it was during her exploration of breaking that she discovered a hidden talent.

Thanks to her core muscles developed through figure skating, Bgirl Fresh Bella executed her first high-level freeze with ease. Her desire to compete drove her to participate in battles (dance contests) just two months after starting breaking, transforming her from an introvert to an expressive performer on the dance floor.

Bgirl Fresh Bella’s breakthrough in the breaking scene came when she won her first B-Girl Battle two years after entering the world of breaking. Despite getting accepted into a university with a practical dance arts program, her singular interest in breaking led her to drop out, using her college funds to participate in breaking competitions abroad. Initially met with resistance from her parents, she eventually proved her dedication to breaking through her performances.

Her success extended to the international stage, as she claimed victory at the ‘2018 Battle in Taoyuan’ and secured 4th place at the ‘2019 Battle in Paris.’ Nevertheless, outside of her competition achievements, she struggled financially, sometimes teaching breaking to elementary school students as an after-school class to earn money. Despite her peers’ graduation and parental pressure to pursue traditional career paths, Bgirl Fresh Bella remained resolute in her pursuit of dance and breaking.Bgirl Fresh Bella

Titles & Achievements

2021Ulsan City Rockers (South Korea)
2023Bronze at WDSF Breaking for Gold International Series (Montreal)

Instagram: sbz_freshbella



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