DJ Nobunaga 

DJ Nobunaga

DJ Nobunaga is from Enschede, Netherlands. Since 2010, he has spun at renowned international events like Red Bull BC One and Battle Of The Year, and Freestyle Session. He is a member of Extraordinary Gentlemen (EXG Crew) which he founded in 2007 and Ichigeki which he joined in 2008 after his performance at Battle Of The Year 2005.

DJ Nobunaga Profile

Stage NameDJ Nobunaga
Birth NameJoey Lewing
OccupationDJ (also mention any other occupation that they might have)
BirthdayOctober 19th, 1985
Active Years1999–present
Age38 (in 2024)

DJ Nobunaga Biography, Life Story, Career Journey, and Facts:

DJ Nobunaga

Nobunaga found his musical roots in his parents’ love for Boogie, Disco, and Funk, featuring icons like Prince, Michael Jackson, and James Brown. Growing up surrounded by Funk, Soul, Jazz, and Brazilian music laid the groundwork for Nobunaga’s deep connection to music.

In 1999, he shifted from soccer to bboying after his brother, Rowdy, introduced him to the art. His dedication paid off, and in 2002, he won the Dutch Bboy Championships.

Parallel to dancing, he ventured into DJing in 2004. Guided by his uncle, he delved into vinyl, forming the backbone of his DJ career. Fueled by his determination to enhance the musical experience in the bboy scene.

The frustration with subpar music in battles transformed into a newfound passion for curating beats and breaks, laying the foundation for his distinctive sound as a bboy DJ.Nobunaga’s musical influences range from James Brown to Timbaland.

Inspired by DJs like Renegade and Gaslampkiller, he developed a distinctive sound recognized in the bboy scene. His versatility extends beyond bboy battles, seamlessly transitioning between genres.

Although Nobunaga doesn’t produce much music himself, he often edits beats that his brother Rowdy, aka. Legove sends him

DJ Nobunaga

Popular Beats

Major Work & Achievements

2023Amsterdam Breaking Championships
2023Redbull BC One Camp Paris
2023FUJIFILM INSTAX Undisputed Masters Sao Paulo
2023Battle of the South / NBL 2023
2023Zone of Champs Maint Event 2023
2023Freedom City 6
2023Belgium WDSF World Breakign Championship
2023Undisputed New York
2023The World Battle
2019Freestyle Session San Diego

Instagram: nobunagalewing
Facebook: Nobunaga

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DJ-Nobunaga World Breaking Classic 2023 🔥

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