DJ Renegade

Dj Renegade

DJ Renegade is a from London, UK. He has DJ’ed at many large-scale breaking events including UK BBoy Champs, IBE, Battle of the Year, R16 Korea, Freestyle Session, Juste Debout, Redbull BC One, EuroBattle, OutBreak, and Silverback Open. He is the founder of the Soul Mavericks breaking crew and part of the Monsterz popping crew.

DJ Renegade Profile

Stage NameDJ Renegade
Birth NameKevin Gopie
OccupationDJ, Bboy, Hip-hop mentor
Active Years1986–present
Age54 (in 2024)

DJ Renegade Biography, Life Story, Career Journey, and Facts:

Dj RenegadeDJ Renegade, aka. Kevin Gopie, was born in the UK with parents from Guyana. He started dancing in 1982 at the age of 12 due to the influence of his sister and her boyfriend at the time. From early on in his dance journey, he was attracted to hip-hop culture and quickly got involved with the London scene. 

He started DJ’ing around ‘87 when he was in his second year of college. He was introduced to it by a DJ named Dazzle Fresh. According to Renegade “[Dazzle Fresh] was just so dope, I was like: ‘I wanna do that’”. In the first few years of his DJ career, he DJed for UK lyricist Blade. He later joined DJ crews such as Sons of Noise in 1992 and Scratch Perverts.

DJ-Renegade has been one of the most impactful DJs on breaking and dance culture at large. He’s been invited to DJ, judge, and commentate on many international events. He also poured tons of energy into coaching the dancers in the UK. Gopie lived in Denmark during 2003-2004. At the time, he felt the UK scene had dropped off compared to what it was in the 80s.

Bboy Storm, who was visiting Renegade at the time, told him to do something about it. This inspired Renegade to start dance crews Flowsaic, and Soul Mavericks in 2005, and later Monsterz in 2010. 

Renegade is well respected by the dancers he coaches. Nicknamed “Coach Kev”, the following mini-documentary captures his thoughts about training dancers.

Dj Renegade

Major Work & Achievements

2023Battle of the South / NBL 2023
2023III Cup Competition in Upper Street Dance Styles and Breaking
2023Norwegian Breaking League 2 – 2023
2023The Notorious IBE 2023
2023II Cup Competition X Camp of Hip-Hop Battle Day 2023
2023BBIC World Final 2023
2023UK BBoy Championships / Undisputed London
2023Norwegian Championships – Breaking & Hip Hop 2023
20182018 Youth Olympics
2017Taipei Bboy City

Instagram: djrenegade_uk
Facebook: DJ-Renegade
SoundCloud: DJ Renegade UK


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DJ Renegade unseen full interview

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