DJ Lean Rock

DJ Lean Rock

DJ Lean Rock, originally from Boston, now lives in Los Angeles. He has DJ’ed at large international events including Red Bull BC One, Battle of the Year, IBE, Freestyle Session, Silverback Open, Hip Opsession, World Bboy Classic, and Outbreak. He is part of Floor Lords and Squadron. He is crewmates and cousins with Bboy El Nino.

DJ Lean Rock Profile

Stage NameLean Rock
Birth NameLino Delgado
OccupationDJ (also mention any other occupation that they might have)
Active Years1996–present
Age36 (in 2024)

DJ Lean Rock Biography, Life Story, Career Journey, and Facts:

DJ Lean Rock

He was born to a father, Leanski, who was already part of the Hip Hop scene. His father was one of the founders of the Floor Lords crew, and founded it before Lean Rock was born.

Growing up, he was surrounded by rap mixtapes, break beats, and people coming over to their house to break.

His father would take him along to dig for records and bring him places such as the Bronx and introduce him to OGs to teach him about the history of the culture. 

He started out as a bboy and started to DJ in 2005 at the age of 16. One of his early influences was a DJ who went by the name of Ninja B. Although Lean Rock was initially not as into turntablism, his love for music eventually guided him to keep DJing.

He loves digging for music and finding songs that people haven’t listened to before.

Lean Rock has been one figure in the community that has been open about his past mental health struggles. In May of 2023 he launched a GoFundMe to write a memoir “These Are The Breaks” with hopes to share his unique perspective on how hip hop culture can be a healing experience for those who may be struggling.

DJ Lean Rock

Popular Beats:

Breakmatic Mixtape:
The Lion’s Den

Major Work & Achievements

2022The Revolution Jam V2
2022IWGA World Games
2021 Outbreak Europe 2021
2020Cypher Reconnect
2020The Legits Blast
2019Freestyle Session World Finals
2019Styles No Jokin
2019Snipes Battle of the Year


Instagram: djleanrock
Youtube: LeanRock12
Twitter: djleanrock
Facebook: djleanrock

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Sound Cloud

Dj Lean Rock – Sneak Peak

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