Bboy Stepper

Bboy Stepper

Bboy Stepper is from Laren, The Netherlands. He became champion of the UK Bboy Championship in 2014 with his crew. He is a member of The Ruggeds crew.

Bboy Stepper Profile

Stage NameStepper
Birth NameSjoerd Poldermans
Active Years2005–present
Age28 (in 2024)
Zodiac Signn/a
Blood Typen/a

Bboy Stepper Biography, Life Story, Breaking Journey, and Facts:

Bboy Stepper

Bboy Stepper started dancing at the young age of 8, beginning his journey with Breaking classes in his hometown of Laren. For an extended period, he was associated with The Militia crew. Eventually, a new chapter began when he and Bboy Jelmar founded their own crew, Strictly Business. The pivotal moment came when he became a member of The Ruggeds, opening doors to participate in some of the most esteemed dance battles worldwide. Brimming with youthfulness, determination, and natural talent, Stepper stands out as a dancer to watch closely. His trajectory in the world of dance holds promise and potential that’s hard to ignore.

Bboy Stepper got in touch with Breaking because of this girl living next door. She started taking breaking classes and taught him some basics like CC, Sixstep, and Baby Freeze. The week after, he went with her to the class. His teacher was called Steve “Popski” Lobo. Under his guidance, he delved deeper into the world of breaking, learning not just the moves but also the history and culture behind this mesmerising dance form. 

Steve’s passion for breaking was infectious, and it wasn’t long before he was practising tirelessly, perfecting our footwork, freezes, and spins. Thanks to the girl next door and the guidance of Steve “Popski” Lobo, his journey into the vibrant world of breaking began to take shape, opening up a world of creativity and self-expression we had never known before. 

When he started making a name for himself in the beginning, Bboy Stepper started to have the urge to practise more with people who would challenge him more. He went to Eindhoven to practise with The Ruggeds, and they asked him to do Battle of the Year 2013. During the process of preparing for this battle, he was officially asked to be part of The Ruggeds. As a Bboy, Stepper really brings a more traditional, breaking footwork-based style. As a person, he is always ready to put in the work in whatever way he can. His biggest regret is not being able to dance anymore because of an injury.Bboy Stepper


2008Notorious IBE (crew)
2014UK Bboy Championship (crew)
2017Silverback Bboy (crew)
2022Battle of the Year (crew)

Instagram: steppertheruggeds
Facebook: sjoerd.poldermans



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Nord Diamond & Karam vs Stepper & Zoopreme:

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