Bboy Noodle

Bboy Noodle

Bboy Noodle is from Seoul, South Korea. Noodle is a winner of Break the Floor in 2014. He is a member of Gamblerz Crew.

Bboy Noodle Profile

Stage NameNoodle
Birth NameHong Seong Sik (홍성식)
BirthdayMay 7th, 1984
Active Years1997–present
Age39 (in 2023)
Zodiac SignTaurus
Height174 cm
Weight76 kg
Blood TypeB

Bboy Noodle Biography, Life Story, Breaking Journey, and Facts:

Bboy Noodle

Bboy Noodle is a talented Korean break-dancer affiliated with the renowned Gambler Crew, a prominent breaking team. In 1997, when he first started practicing b-boying in Uiwang-si, he used to practice at various outdoor locations, including the central entrance of Uiwang Middle School, Uiwang House of Culture, Donganyang Youth Training Center, and Anyang Women’s Cultural Center.

For Bboy Noodle and his brother B-Boy Pop, their journey into b-boying was met with initial disapproval from their parents. However, as they continued to pursue their passion and reached high school, their parents eventually relented and began supporting their pursuit of dance.

After completing his education at Anyang Technical High School with a degree in Chemical Engineering, Bboy Noodle would have likely pursued a career in a chemical plant had he not chosen to pursue dance as he does now. However, he decided to fully dedicate himself to dance-related work and has been committed to it since his high school days, apart from a brief job experience during that time.

In the early stages of his b-boy journey, he started as a backup dancer for the NEWEST CREW. However, in 2005, he officially became a member of the Gambler Crew, marking a significant milestone in his career.

Bugal Lukin, a notable popping dancer, highly recommended Bboy Noodle, leading to his appearances in Season 1 and Season 3 of the TV show “Dancing 9,” where he showcased outstanding performances. Subsequently, in 2022, he participated in JTBC’s “Showdown” and secured the runner-up position, demonstrating his exceptional dancing abilities.

What distinguishes Noodle is his funky style and his remarkable talent for expressing delicate music through dance. His versatility is evident as he not only excels in b-boying but also masters various other dance genres. One standout aspect is his jersey show, which leaves a lasting impression, captivating even those unfamiliar with b-boying.

It’s worth noting that Noodle shares a special connection within the Gambler Crew, as his younger brother, B-boy Pop, is also a member of the same crew, further solidifying their bond through dance.

Bboy Noodle

Titles & Achievements :

2009Battle of the Year crew (Germany)
2019Jeonju B-Boy Grand Prix crew (South Korea)
2021Ulsan Rockers UCR 3v3 (South Korea)

Instagram: noodle_gamblerz
Youtube: gamblernoodle


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