Bgirl Sinaya

Bgirl Sinaya

Bgirl Sinaya is from Weissensee, Austria. She has won Red Bull BC One Cypher Austria  2023. She is a member of Funky Monkez Crew and Rock Fusion. 

Bgirl Sinaya Profile

Stage NameSinaya
Birth NameSina Muller
Active Years2009–present
Age35 (in 2024)
Zodiac SignN/A
Blood TypeN/A

Bgirl Sinaya Biography, Life Story, Breaking Journey, and Facts:

Bgirl Sinaya

Sinaya embarked on her breaking journey at the age of 21. Although she had an interest in dance from childhood, her exposure to breaking came later in life. Living in a small town with limited options for dance centres, she initially pursued a different dance form. Her introduction to breaking occurred during a trip abroad for a week of study. On a rainy day, she encountered a group of boys practising breaking. 

Intrigued by the art form, she approached them for training, but her initial attempts were met with indifference. Undeterred, she attended another training session, where she witnessed DJs and breakers in action, providing her with a glimpse into the vibrant world of hip-hop culture.

After completing her studies and spending a semester in Germany, Bgirl Sinaya returned to Austria and made a pivotal decision to pursue breaking as a career. Overcoming her initial shyness, she embraced the expressive nature of breaking, and with time, she made significant progress in the art form. As of the 2024 Paris Olympics Qualification List, she holds the 55th rank with 100 points.

Titles & Achievements:

2023Red Bull Bc One Cypher Austria

Instagram: sinaya_funkymonkez
Facebook: sina.muller.7967

Bboyshow (S4 E5) Sinaya

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