Bboy Focus

Bboy Focus

Bboy Focus is from Helsinki, Finland. Focus is a three time IBE Foortwork champion. He is a member of MidPoint Rockers and Flow Mo Crew.

Bboy Focus Profile

Stage NameFocus
Birth NameJussi Petteri Sirviö
OccupationB-Boy, Coach, DJ, Host, Choreographer
Active Years1995–present
Age40 (in 2023)
Zodiac Signn/a
Blood Typen/a

Bboy Focus Biography, Life Story, Breaking Journey, and Facts:Bboy Focus

Bboy Focus born and raised in Rautjarvi but currently resides in Helsinki, Finland. He saw breaking at the age of 11 in his school party. He acquired his breaking skills through a combination of different sources and experiences. Watching films like Beat Street and Wild Style on VHS, he would observe the moves performed and then recreate them in his bedroom, clearing out space for practice. Additionally, his first teacher, Mikko Ahlgren, an experienced 80’s b-boy, played a crucial role in imparting his knowledge and expertise.

His learning extended beyond formal training sessions, as Bboy Focus engaged in backspin contests during school breaks and participated in dance circles at school parties. What set him apart was his open-mindedness and eagerness to expand his understanding beyond the practice spot. He delved into interviews and books featuring renowned b-boys, seeking to grasp their perspectives and wisdom.

Music became a vital aspect of his journey as well. Bboy Focus immersed himself deeply in it to infuse his dance with emotion and soul. Not only did he perfect his breaking skills, but he also explored other elements of Hip Hop culture, such as making beats and learning to DJ, which enriched his sense of rhythm.

Furthermore, Bboy Focus drew inspiration from individuals outside the breaking community, including the legendary Bruce Lee. By embracing Bruce Lee’s philosophy, he found ways to incorporate elements of discipline and philosophy into his dance, enhancing its depth and meaning. His continuous pursuit of knowledge and willingness to apply various influences contributed significantly to his growth and development as a b-boy.

Bboy Focus took the initiative to choose a name for himself. As he began traveling more extensively in the early 2000s, he realized that his given name wouldn’t be suitable for the international b-boy community.

During that time, he displayed an exceptional level of dedication to his craft. Being the first to arrive and the last to leave the practice sessions became his routine. With a clear vision of his breaking goals, Bboy Focus worked tirelessly, pouring his efforts into honing his skills and striving for excellence.

Aside from breaking, he also had an interest in photography. During his exploration of photography, he encountered the term “focus point.” This term resonated with him, as it symbolized the convergence of light rays after passing through the lens to create a picture. Inspired by this concept, Bboy Focus adopted the name “Focus” to reflect his aspiration of uniting various elements and aspects of breaking into one cohesive entity.Bboy Focus

Titles & Achievements :

– 3 times Circle Kingz World champion, Switzerland
– 3 times IBE Footwork Battle champion, Netherlands & UK
– 2 times Hip Opsession solo champion, France
– 2 times B.I.S. Bboy In Shangai champion, Crew & Footwork, China
– First European Official Concrete Battle champion, Switzerland
– 6 times Finnish Champion Crew Battle
– 2 times Finnish Champion solo
– World Dance Colosseum champion, Japan
– Rock Steady Anniversary Crew Battle Champion, USA
– Battle Supreme Texas champion, USA
– V1 Festival, Russia


Instagram: focusfm
Youtube: focusfmc
Facebook: focusfm


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